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Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Bess, from the Great White North! May your day be just lovely.

In your post you wrote, "Spell check says the correct word is uncluttered and I'm trying to figure out why I refuse to cooperate with that." Hmm. Well, I think it is because (in typical North American fashion) we have tried to turn a noun (clutter) into a verb. Technically (move over, Lynne Truss!), we remove clutter until a room is uncluttered...But I agree, the 'de' has power in it!


By Anonymous Margaret in Calgary, at 10:14 AM  

Have a wonderful, delicious and cozy day with loved ones, Bess. I'm so admiring (and a little inspired by) all your productive cleaning and rearranging and DEcluttering. ;-) I sorely need to do that, myself, as yarn and fiber are taking over my living space, and I can't find everything anymore. Maybe I'll do that over Christmas?

By Blogger Mary, at 11:45 AM  

Oh, but -- egads! Up at 3:30 am??? Only time I do that is if I have an early plane to catch, and then I sleep on the plane! ;-)

By Blogger Mary, at 11:46 AM  

Actually, last night, I finally rolled over and went to sleep at 3:30. Just as you were waking up. Night owl, I am.

Okay, enough of my comments! Have a great day!

By Blogger Mary, at 11:48 AM  

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Thursday, November 22, 2007  

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, at this wee early hour of the morning. I woke up today after a sound sleep, made possible by hours of heavy manual labor on Wednesday. 6:15 - the clock said, and I was a little surprised I'd slept the night through. It was only after the coffee was brewed and the dogs were inside that a second glance at the clock told me it was not, now, 6:30, but 3:30!! Oh well, I'm up now.

I spent yesterday playing Hercules as I finally decluttered my house. Or at least – I consolidated the clutter into one room that has some hopes of being deculttered itself within the next millennium and maybe next week!

Hmmm. Spell check says the correct word is uncluttered and I'm trying to figure out why I refuse to cooperate with that. I believe it is because uncluttering feels like things might have been a little messy but certainly not so serious that it was interfering with an ordered life. DE cluttering connotes so much more – as in DE struction and DE tonate and DE stroy. My house needed DE cluttering! Big Time – as these before and after photos show.

Note... even the magazines are in their Princeton files!!

this painting is from my mother's Matisse years. We were both of us in love with him in the late '60's.

La! I love before/after photos. Of course, stowing all that clutter required serious furniture moving and fortunately, I had help there. But first I had to take the dogs out into the delicious (DE licious?) November morning.

Then it was shift and lift and tote and shove and almost all my furniture is heavy 19th century stuff and now and then we squeaked by with ½ an inch to spare. But we finally got a little office corner for me set up in LD's old bedroom, and carved out another little spot for my six giant blue tubs of fiber. And a bed for guests, though only a twin bed. And got the pie safe off the back porch and upstairs where More Stuff can be Stuffed. No photos of this yet, because, in spite of finding a place for all the Big Heavy Marble Topped furniture, we still have mountains of Other Things to put away.

And after playing stevedore, I put on my maid's cap and cleaned. Scrubbed and dusted and vacuumed and mopped till the rest of my house grew worthy of those Clean Windows of 2 weeks ago. BD noted that the house is so tidy it echoes!

So. Now it is turkey day and mine has to go in the oven in a few hours. We have only 9 coming for dinner tonight and the bird is much smaller than usual. This one will probably fit in my roaster! We will sit down at 2, feast till we're full and then some of us will get to take a walk and some will stay snug in the house. It's supposed to be 71 today – I'm sitting here in tank top and PJ bottoms with no fire in the stove.

Yup. Thanksgiving in the south. May yours be full of friends and laughter and love. May you spend it flush with thankfulness and joy.

posted by Bess | 5:16 AM