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Or maybe that yarn doesn't want to be Flidas? Just a thought... ;-)


By Anonymous Marg in Calgary, at 8:47 AM  

I have heard yarn vendors recommend Tresseme' (sp?) hair conditioner for softening up scratchy yarns like Noro Kureyon. Surely it can't hurt to try it on the Flidas yarn?

By Blogger Mary, at 11:55 AM  

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Thursday, November 15, 2007  

Ha! I thought there were some Victoria fans sisters out there. Isn't it nice to see it back again? Hope you had a chance to read the link to the MediaLife article. I like the direction they seem to be taking, with more articles about women who strike out on their own to follow their Bliss.

So – I am blissfully pawing through my stash on a hunt for my next project. For some reason I'm reluctant to start on Flidas2. I don't like any sort of production work and I have a sneaky suspicion that recreating something smacks a little of re-production. Or it may be that the yarn just isn't soft enough – maybe I didn't wash out all the manufacturer's oil or maybe I did get it all out and I'll have to deal with its present state of scratchiness – maybe soak it in fabric softener. That future state of wetness doesn't prompt me to wind any of the skeins into balls and cast on – even to swatch.
Though the holidays are looming, I only have one obligatory sock left to knit. (and yes, the obligation is all mine, not imposed from outside – it's my conscience that's pointing its demanding finger at me.) I'm in the mood to knit something for myself. I'm in the mood to knit a somewhat, but not too mindless sweater on nice easy medium sized needles.

One possiblity is a collection of 12 balls of Schoeller Stahal Merino Stretch – a very interesting merino/acrylic/polyester blend I picked up last year from the Knitters Review Retreat stash table. It's a sort of fade-into-the-background neutral dark olive green – probably looks sort of dark grey on a monitor. It's exceedingly stretchy, has a very nice soft hand, the merino really conquers any plastic feel. The ball band is all in German except for the Made in Italy stamp. It claims to get 4 stitches to the inch using # 6 needles, which is good since I can't find a single #7 needle anywhere! I'm swatching it now with a set of lovely #6 Addi Lacetips.

To such a dark neutral yarn I could add a little oomph with these 2 skeins of Brown Sheep Handpaint in a color called Strawberry Fields. Especially if I did something with flowers – something like these ideas from More Sweaters by Lise Kolstad and Tone Takle-my favorite colorwork knitters of all time.

(thank you ladies, for the charts)

Or with this lovely merino handpaint from Inspirations Yarn. Only maybe something more geometric.

But that Inspirations Yarn would go very nicely with the leftovers from my Decadant Shawl – I am thinking here, of a long stocking cap – which would need something with more crimp and grip than either of those silky mohair yarns. - Maybe matching mittens and hat ...

There is also some alpaca in grey that really ought to be knit into a Pi shawl. But before I knit that shawl I want to make a triangular shawl out of this:


It is swatching time. Seeya later!

posted by Bess | 7:21 AM