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Oh, to live in your town and be near your fabulous library! Lucky citizens of Tappahannock! :-)

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007  


A Knitting Breakthrough

Well! My life has suddenly filled up with events and activities – (who was I kidding about a long slow slide into Christmas?) and they are All Good but they demand energized planning interspersed with careful rest periods. Oh la – I'm already writing fiction!

But the exciting news is that I've figured out, at least, and at last, what to do with this Merino Stretch yarn!! Yippee!!! It's such a nice yarn – soft and extremely bouncy, but, as I've said earlier, it's really textured like Cascade Fixation. It's lumpy. Mini-lumps but lumpy. It will be happy in a knit/purl pattern. Even with something as tiny as this diamond pattern
(sorry it's such a bad photo – I'll do some more swatching and give you a better look with an outdoor shot tomorrow) you can see this yarn is perfect for Guernseys, for patterned stitching, but not so much work as cables. For something like this

Or this

Or this

all compliments of the wonderful Kristin Nicholas and these books...

It knits on size 9 needles to give you 4 stitches to the inch in stockinette stitch. I don't have much in the way of #9 needles so I may have to purchase some, and being very $hort of ca$h these days, they will probably be KnitPicks needles.

Just getting to know this fact about this yarn (that I so much of - so I don't have to buy any) has lifted my spirits. Especially since MsHoroscope told me yesterday to watch it!

“At the start of next month, there is going to be a tough link from the Sun, to Saturn, the planet of parsimony who is currently languishing in your sign. This suggests you’re headed for a situation where your eyes or your desire are going to be rather larger than your wallet or the room on your credit card. And so this forecast, dear Virgo, is what they call in the US “a heads up”. Make plans now re how to economize well, and be financially smart, and you should find that the start of next month slips by without incident”

I mean, ain't that the rottenest thing for us Virgos as we head into the Christmas season? Bummer. :D Just call me QueenScrooge this year. I've even overspent at the library – not more than we can actually pay, but with no cushion and no room for any network issues. Not till January, when our next State Aid check comes.

(but oh you should see the wonderful books and audios and dvds we've filled our shelves with – magical wonderful fantastic things to enjoy and savor and wallow in)

Okay – last day of work this week. Best be off and getting ready for it.

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