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Friday, November 16, 2007  

Ahh who knows, Margaret – I'm still thinking it's saying it wants to be a Flidas, just not sure if it wants to be so before Christmas.

What I know is that Schoeller Stahal Merino Stretch does not want to be stranded colorwork. It's the stretchiest yarn! And it's very textured for an ordinary plied yarn. It looks and knits a lot like Cascade Fixation, only it's a lot softer on the hands.
(It also looks grey -under flash - indoors - in the wee dawn hours)

Silly me – after going on about the ball band being all in German, I forgot about the difference between European and American needle sizes and cast on using an American #6 needle. That's why the knitting looks so weird. I'll see if I can find a nice #8 or 9 and do a little more swatching before I make up my mind about this yarn.

I think it would make a very good looking sweater, especially if you wanted something that fits snuggly. It stretches about 87%!

2 inches unstretched
2 inches stretched

If I were a svelte teen I would make something cropped and ribbed and snug. What I'll make for someone soft and short waisted and fluffy ... we shall just have to see.

Three cheers for Friday – may yours be swift and pleasant. And may I remember to go buy vacuum cleaner bags!!

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