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A storytelling program for seniors - what a fantastic idea you have there!

I love the hat, absolutely love it. It looks great on you - I've always wished I could look good in hats, but for some reason they just don't work on me.

By Blogger Catherine, at 1:59 PM  

Love the hat, but then, you know I love hats of any kind. That one looks great on you. The first picture reminds me of Andi McDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral (her "great hat" at the first wedding).

The shawl is looking more gorgeous as it progresses. Saw lots of pretty fiber and yarn today in your colors.

One of my regrets for being out of town this weekend is missing the Celtic festival -- I had such fun at that last year (ogling the men in kilts, mostly!).

I love the idea of storytelling for seniors -- what a fantastic way to minister to them! I think my parents would adore hearing you tell stories, so feel free to use them as guinea pigs whenever you like! Come eat dinner with us sometime!

By Blogger Mary, at 12:46 AM  

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Saturday, October 27, 2007  

We have had beautiful rain now for 3 days. It's raining right now. It's all supposed to stop sometime today, but more than 3 inches have fallen this week and I, and the land, and the trees, and the farmers and the dogs ... we are all just so grateful.

I will be telling ghost stories tonight at a Halloween festival across the river. BD & BH are off to a wedding party without me. Both of us can expect clear skies and a bit of chill. Tomorrow is supposed to be autumnally bright and brisk and I am so ready for it.

I had easy driving all the way to Dad's place yesterday, in spite of the rain, and we finished up our business with sister and $Man in time to go out to lunch to celebrate his birthday eve. He was ready for a nap after lunch, though so I had time to slip into a department store and get some fancy expensive and worth every durn penny makeup, before heading over to Mom's. As I walked through the store, though, look what jumped on my head and asked to come home with me!

Very dramatic! They didn't even have a box big enough to hold it. It had to come home in a bag.

I did a dress rehearsal of the ghost story program at Mama's which was so helpful for me on many fronts. I could get a feel for how long the program takes, where I am weak in delivery, and a sense of what the flow of it is – that important element of timing that engages an audience or looses it. I also got a valuable insight into how to develop storytelling programs for seniors – for once I'd started telling stories, others remembered stories they would like to share. I made room for them “on stage”. I don't really have much of an ego issue with performer vs audience. The whole point is to get people engaged, thinking, expanding. What was powerful for me was the understanding that seniors sometimes begin to shut down, especially in a group home, where they are a little wary of really putting down roots, making new connections. They know they're moving to the finish line and I think, at least, from observing both my parents, they're not sure if caring about other people is worth the effort. And yet – when they don't care, don't share, don't really communicate who they are and what matters to them – they get depressed and withdrawn.

Okay – anyway – the upshot was I could see how to develop storytelling programs for seniors that would do more than entertain – they could actually engage. Something valuable to think about.

Today, though, before I head off to MBWM&L, I may clean the house or I may take a nap or I may enter books into or I may enter stash into Ravelry, or I may knit or I may do nothing at all. I probably ought to clean house since we may go to the Celtic Festival in Richmond tomorrow. Or we may not. What an iffy weekend!

Here's a progress shot, though, of my Decadent Shawl.

posted by Bess | 6:10 AM