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Oh, that's no fun! Feel better!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007  

Ugh. Something was wrong with the split pea soup I served for dinner last night and both BD and I had the worst night. I'm still a little shaky but I have postponed my haircut 3 times already. I can't wait another day. And I have two more MustDo's on the morning list. But if I'm still feeling so off this afternoon – I am coming back home to sleep. Lawsee, I tossed all night.

WW was a major disappointments last night – an infinitesimal gain instead of the measurable loss I expected. Rats. But I know I ate properly last week – healthy amounts and plenty of water, fiber, exercise. Either the body was saying “EEEK! Fats&Sugars down! Starvation on the way – batten down the storage units.” or my lunch was just way too salty. It was good, mind, but my tongue did say “Wow! Salty” with that first bite of soup. A WW soup, mind, not something from a can.

Ah well. This is another week and I know from past experience that often the scales decide to move after Tuesday nights. My home scale was down both yesterday and this morning so I'm going to believe that They are wrong. :D


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