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Dearest Bess, No KRRetreat this year? Oh my, my heart is breaking. One of the highlights of the retreat is spending time with you...To take in all your engery and talent!

I couldn't have survived Cat's moebius class last year if you weren't sitting next to me. Your patience and ability to teach the uncoordinated will be missed!

I wish you a wonderful weekend with the antiques extravaganza. I'm a PBS watcher and one of my favorite shows is the Antiques Roadshow. I'm always hoping someone will bring in Brittany Black Walnut needles to have them appraised.

Enjoy your weekend and know you will be missed at the retreat!!!

-Dawn (RipKo)

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007  

Thanks everyone for stopping by and especially for leaving comments. No, Rho, I won't be at the KRRetreat this year. I'll miss all the wonderful people up there and the fabulous teachers but we're having an equally wonderful weekend down here! An Antiques Extravaganza to support the library with author Emyl Jenkins as our guest speaker at a dinner on Friday night, an Antiques Roadshow on Saturday and an Intimate Dinner with the author on Saturday night. Heh Heh - so – anyone within driving distance of Tappahannock who'd like to have dinner with the author or get an antique or collectible appraised, I have tickets.

Thanks again, Mary, for the Spirit Trail Gang photo. Next year I plan to remember (ha!) to get the group photo before we're tired, sweaty and frazzled. And next year it is going to be 65 degrees and sunny. Alice promises. Thanks, Alice! I remember when you stopped by to get the Shetland. Shetland lace, perhaps? Hope to see it next year - oh Alice with the very nice husband (?).

Glad to meet you Cathy in VA. I hope you got to take yesterday off to just sit and savor all your loot. And speaking of loot – here are photos of my own small haul.

This is my own Great Falls Rib Sock grey yarn to knit a pair of those socks for BD for Christmas. He saw me working on the prototype and said “Oh. You're making me some socks!” I didn't have the heart to tell him But I snatched this yarn off the rack before we even opened up on Saturday. He won't notice that it's a slightly different yarn.

This yarn came from Three Waters Farm. I love shopping there. In fact, I bought that smiley face roving from Mary Ann at MS&W. She and her husband are the nicest people and there is a vividness to her colors that speaks to me. And she let me name the yarn. She hadn't had time to come up with a name for this colorway and we got to talking about it and I said it ought to be called In The Glen, because it looked like violets growing along a stream bank wending its way through a green valley. They agreed. So this yarn is definitely for me.

Darling J gave me this beautiful little spindle.
I have the label upstairs so I can't tell you who made it. She picked it up at a different festival in the Midwest, last summer.

This one, though, came from I See Spots Farm.
She had this small collection of Adam Mielke spindles. Oh my goodness. These are the best things! They are light and beautiful and spin forever 'n ever! R and J were wanting spindles and wanted me to help them pick. It hadn't been my intention to add to my collection but I wasn't about to pass this one by. I spent a couple hours yesterday spinning with it, using this, my last purchase:

Alpaca/silk blend from My Favorite Yarn Shop in Warrenton, VA. I'd been by to pet this about 5 times. 8 oz had to come home with me. Its destiny? Lace!

What I forgot to go back and get, and I'm kicking myself about it, was some Corriedale roving from Rising Meadow Farm. Oh I love Corriedale and I hope I can mail-order some later in the winter. Theirs was particularly nice.

I made one other purchase but I'm not ready to talk about that yet. I promise, though, to share it with you later. When it will be a surprise. When it's ready for sharing.

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