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Have fun in Rivah-city. I'm about to hop on a plane for points south. Here's hoping there are no weather (or other) delays. :-)

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Friday, October 26, 2007  

Oh la, Margaret, I am soooo envious of your snow. Can't you pack some up in a box and ship it to me?

Oh – and before I forget – I went to look at Yarn Harlot's blog and yes, I see. We are both talking about the same yarn...English Tweed. Went to the Webs page too just to see what was left. They didn't have that pretty dark orangey bronze at Stitches, though I would have settled for it if that had been all they offered. I'm glad they had the Byzantine gold instead. It's nice to be able to get such a close match to the original sweater. Of course, I made Flidas out of discontinued yarn in 2003, so I am still first. :D

And yes, also, I knew about the machine oil – well, you can't miss the smell! I hadn't thought to use my niddy noddy to make skeins and then wash the yarn, though. I had planned to wash the knitted swatch and do my measuring – but it'll be much nicer to knit with the oil free yarn.

I think Flidas 2 will be my next cast on – but I have to finish my Decadent Shawl and the Holiday Charmer socks (and finish writing the pattern) first. But before I cast on my retro project, I believe I'll pull everything out, every yarn, that is, and have a serious ponder about my stash. I may even enter it all in Ravelry. I have several projects that are calling me, making me wish I were Shiva and had 8 arms. Making me wish I were retired and had 8 hours a day to play with toys. Honestly, just thinking about the possibilities makes me get all quivery.

But before I can do anything like that – I have three big deals on my callendar. I'm off today to be of use to my parents and while I'm in the city I'm going to deliver my ghostly stories at Mama's residence for their October birthday party – this is at 3 o'clock. Tomorrow night I will be doing the same for the kiddies (with suitable scary story added) over in Lancaster County at the MBWM&L. (I'm on the events page, but lawsee, why do some people insist on changing my name to Bessie?!!?) And on Sunday I will begin to put these

in their new home.

(toys get different new home and not quite all the books are mine)

posted by Bess | 7:19 AM