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Hi, Bess - I thought of you when I read this story about a spinning wheel.

It was good to meet you on Saturday.
Enjoy Stitches East - several from our Richmond TNK group will be present there - Mary, Linda, Christina and someone else who I can't remember right now!

By Blogger Cat =^,^=, at 12:12 PM  

Well, you already know I like the sock -- very charming. ;-)

Hope I run into you in Baltimore! Call me if you want to try and get together. Do you have a cell phone these days?

By Blogger Mary, at 6:32 PM  

Oh Bess, how I miss reading your blog. I had some time at the desk today (it's quiet) and I thought I need to check in with Dear Bess. I'm so glad I did. Sorry to hear that you won't be attending the KRR in November, it's obviously been a very special time for you to bond with knitting friends.

I'm loving library school and think of you often. I wish there was more about public libraries in class, but it's what I make of it. My children's lit class is lovely and I'm part of the storytelling group, you're my inspiration for that. Hopefully in the next few weeks a proper email can be sent. When I've remembered to breathe.

Have fun this weekend.

By Blogger erica, at 3:06 PM  

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007  

Oh Dawn, do you know the very first person I thought of, when I realized I couldn't go to the Knitters Review Retreat, was you!!! And Katherine followed immediately. Weep weep. It was a very blue moment, I tell you. Just know, my spirit needles will be with you – and Jen will be selling some of my patterns, so a tee tiny bit of me will be there.

But as a sop to my sad self, I will be going to Stitches East this weekend. In fact, I knew in the summer about my November schedule so I registered for a class with Fiona Ellis on Design Inspiration. She's just written a book on Fair Isle knitting – - which everyone who knows me, knows is my chocolate. I wasn't quick enough to get a copy before Friday – at least, not without paying Amazon $18 in shipping to have it delivered tomorrow. I'm not altogether sorry either, for my personal library is vast and this way, I'll get to look before I buy. But if I do fall in love, I will ask her to sign it for me.

I'm going up with my girlfriend, B. Happily, she is driving so I get to knit in the car. And talk, of course. I don't know how I shall do with the Stitches Market. I'm awfully well stocked with goodies. I would like to think I could buy nothing at all – but. I have given myself permission – if I come up with an Inspired Design Idea in this class, to take the $ I earned last weekend telling stories and purchase the supplies for it.

And just in case you are wondering about my already inspired designs – here is a photo of the Holiday Charmer Sock. It is my intention that this pattern be available at the Spirit Trail booth in Rhinebeck. I know it will be available on the website and at the Knitters Review Retreat in November. My other intention is that it be sized for both adults and children. It got it's name, because obviously, if you used different charms (or buttons) and a different colorway – it could as easily be a Christmas or Valentines Day or Easter sock as it is a Halloween sock.

As bad as the lighting is - the color isn't too far off. It was very popular at FFF and in fact, it's still very popular with me!

Happy Hump Day to you all.

posted by Bess | 7:40 AM