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Monday, October 29, 2007  

I woke up this morning to the silver dawn that is a crisp October still imprisoned by daylight saving time and as I rolled over I imagined the day spread out like a carpet of pleasure. I was so glad it was a Sunday, so ready to indulge myself when I remembered .... it's Monday. Sigh. Ah well. At least it's a Monday with a Venus/Jupiter link – the planet of voracious desires meeting up with the planet of unceasing indulgence. Best keep a lid on the snacking – woops! I just indulged in a second cup of coffee with cream. Whew. Good thing I've been such a good WW gal this week.

The Great book migration is just about finished and look at the results!

I still have to get more file boxes to hold my many magazines. They'll go along the bottom shelf – there is room for 4 more of those 6” files. I think (hope hope hope) that will hold all the magazines – and I really ought to cull out the ones I don't like and move them on down the line.

As I brought the books down, I stopped by the computer and entered them into At least, I entered most of them – they have a 200 book limit on their free account and I still had about 10 more books when I hit it. I haven't decided if I want to pay for an account, though it's very cheap - $10 a year. I could cull my collection. Probably ought to. But I know I will buy more books. I 'll just have to think about it. I have those uncatalogued books in a specific spot – fortunately they were all in the same category – painting. I am also going to get some shelf labels so I can move swiftly to the spot I'm looking for, since so many of my books are tall and thin and have difficult to read spines.

I still found time to get a little fiber play in during this busy weekend. I knit a little on my Decadent Shawl. I may finish that up this week!! And I skeined and washed all the English Tweed yarn I'll be using for Flidas 2. It's a little scratchier than the original yarn. It's more tightly twisted, I am sure because it is made from shorter bits of wool, probably from a wool pool, though I can't swear the original didn't also come from a wool pool. (A wool pool is where fleece from different flocks are sold in a lump and carded together for manufacturing purposes – as opposed to Merino wool or Merino blend wool from particular flocks) It was a chilly blustery day yesterday and after I'd taken a walk with BD I checked out this smiling wool.

Doesn't it look like they're laughing at something?

I rubbed it against my cheek and throat and my chilled skin didn't mind the scratchiness at all. Proof that the colder your climate, the scratchier the wool you can tolerate. I'll give the yarn a fabric softener bath and see if it feels more skin friendly but no matter the results of that, I'll still be making Flidas 2 out of this yarn. It's not that scratchy.

Oh la! I have to go to work. Well. I'll be back tomorrow.

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