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Tuesday, October 30, 2007  

Here's a picture of the shelf labels I'm planning on using.

I'm also giving serious thought to Monthly Goals – or Monthly Resolutions. I'm not doing too badly with the Important Things of Life, but there are still lots of things I forget to do and then regret not having done them. What sort of things? Oh – like knitting that pair of mohair and silk harem pants. :D Well, I don't regret not knitting them yet – but how about those Della Robbia Christmas Stockings I want. Right. Don't have them for this Christmas either. Bummer.

Also, I've been getting the urge, these past few weeks, to cross achievements off of lists. I'm inspired to stick with WW for the first time in forEVER. (read this article – it is so TheQueen!) I'm inspired by my tidy bookshelves. I'm excited about getting the guest side of LD's old bedroom set up for real guests instead of summer clothes that should be in the attic by now.

Mostly, though, it's that list crossing I'm yearning for. I want to see evidence of progress. So. A TTD List will show up in the sidebar on Thursday. I have some goals. Let's see if I can achieve them.

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