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Thanks, Bess. The ibuprofen hugs really helped. Loved the scenic tour. It's just what I always imagined it would look like. And I'm looking forward to my copy of That Book.

By Blogger Larry, at 9:08 AM  

Here's a suggestion for your library-at-home, that is, if you want to be this anal with your home library (perhaps that's just a busman's holiday for a librarian) -- as you re-shelve the books, enter them into or I saw another blogger do this as they moved into their new home -- after they pulled a book out of a box, but before they put it on a shelf, they entered it into the little online database. A handy way to remember what you have (sorta like Ravelry and one's yarn stash). Of course, it would be a slow, time-intensive process, and you may just want to move the darn books and be done with it!

By Blogger Mary, at 9:55 AM  

P.S. I enjoyed the trip to the post office! :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 10:49 AM  

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007  

Glad y'all liked that little photo tour. And yes, Cathy-in-VA, that's the library's knitting collection – half of it, at least. There are 4 shelves – 16 feet, of top quality knitting books. I wonder why this library has such a great knitting collection. Could it be that the knitting teacher for the county parks&rec department works here? Maybe.

It was such fun to make that slide show that I've made some more, inspired by the autumn colors on my way to and from work. Saturday was a drop dead gorgeously beautiful day and I was already playing around with ThatBook and a camera. I couldn't resist doing a little Chamber of Commerce photography. Here's the link to the slide show version of a Trip to the Post Office – but you have to click back to the set in order to read the explanatory captions.

The other big activity in TheCastle is of a construction type – for a ManWithTools showed up yesterday and started building bookshelves for the den.

Woops. Camera batteries are dead. I'll post B&A tomorrow.

Our house is a discombobulated mess right now, in a knee bone connected to the thigh bone sort of way. For all that I'm complaining about the weather, it's a good thing it hasn't gotten really cold. My plastic tubs are stacked by the wood stove and we can't build a fire till we move them. But...

We can't move them till we have a space upstairs
We cant have a space upstairs till we move the bed out of the alcove
We can't move the bed out of the alcove till we move the books downstairs
We can't move the books downstairs till we have the bookshelves

You see?

But – those shelves will be done before the weekend is here. Saturday I will get to be a librarian at home!

On the knitting front – I'm almost halfway through the Decadent Shawl – 9 inches of wide knitting. 9 more to go and then the ruffles on each end.

Okay - off to start the crock pot beef stew. Ta.

posted by Bess | 7:09 AM