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Those are gorgeous sweaters. I recently discovered Knitters magazine and have fallen in love with it. Need to get my hands on the Winter issue!

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Thursday, September 27, 2007  

“When I got old enough to date, Nana had the chimney in the parlor cleaned, the piano tuned and bought me a white Pendleton suit from Andertons.”
... quote from BH as we drove to Richmond yesterday.

Played hooky yesterday and went to the Ginter Park Womans Club Fall Pendleton Fashion Show. Is that cute, or what?

This was the fall version of the same fashion show I went to last March – where al(most) all the models were 70+. A few daughters stepped up to represent the family and show off some of the more youthful looks, but really, Pendleton aims for classic, not trendy. But they're trendy enough to spin a little lycra into their woolen trousers. They also put together a lot of silk/wool blends. Might be time to go shopping.

HA! Not!

I just moved my stash, preparatory to getting in Large Furniture and was once again reminded that I Do Not Need Yarn or Fiber or Fleece. Just in time for FFF and guess what! I am also going to Stitches East this year. Yes yes yes. My dear friend Beth has reserved a room and is driving and I get to go along. In fact, I knew about this soon enough to register for A Class!! In design. Taught by Fiona Ellis.

And so. Back to back fiber weekends for me. What a treat.

And thank goodness, the stars and LD's pending move to points mid and west forced me to look that stash in the eye and tell it “No. You may not grow any larger.”

While in the city yesterday, though, I did pick up the autumn edition of Knitters Magazine. Picked it up and paid for it, actually. All because of this:
and this:

I could so totally wear that white lace sweater. The red one – I really like it a lot, but I am not sure if it would look all that good on me. Maybe. Have to think on that one a while. There were several other projects I really liked in this issue: a shawl, a bag, a jacket and another cardigan.

Not knitting, not reading, just moving furniture, books and other possessions.

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