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How about WendyKnits' basic feather-and-fan sock? That's horizontal and chevron-like. And perhaps instead of yarn-overs for the increases, you could do a KFBs?

By Blogger Mary, at 11:58 AM  

How about Grumperina's Jaywalker socks that everyone (including me) was doing a while ago. It works great with stripey yarn.

By Anonymous Joan in Reno, at 7:57 PM  

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007  

I've been fiddling with this sock yarn for a long time. I am determined to match the stitch to the yarn. I am also determined to knit it now. I've had it a year. It was a gift from a special friend. I want to dance in socks that give me happy thoughts of someone who cares for me.

This is a nice springy yarn, though not the most tightly springy of them all. Just politely springy. And it is silky. But that makes it slippery and soft too – one of the reason's it's not springy to the max.

It is also a dark yarn with a black stripe to it; one that slopes just a little when you knit a tube with it using 60 stitches. On size 2 needles. Addis.

The moment I saw this yarn I thought it ought to be knit into a textured pattern. Easypeasy. Lots of textured patterns out there. But it also has to be simple to memorize. I don't like having to carry a pattern along with me when I knit. I don't even like having to check back with a pattern when I'm at home. I like clutter free knitting.

This yarn would love to be cables. 4 stitch cables traveling about the place. Alas. This dye pattern does NOT want to be cabled. That black stripe interrupts the vertical lines of cables in a manner that won't be ignored.

Huh. digital color is so strange. that sock was on a piece of white typing paper - not some pretty blue background. Weird.

I love this cable, though – It's a 5 stitch cable with a purl line growing up between the twisting K2's. I'm going to use it on a more subtly dyed yarn from Spirit Trail Fiberworks. But I am not going to ask this colorway to play nicely with cables.

What I think would work would be chevron stripes made with decreases and increases and somewhere in my collection of stitch pattern books I know there is one. Or it's in a sock book or a magazine. I just can't find it. And I'm about done up looking for it too. But here are two more stitch patterns I'm considering and will try, just adding on to the sock I've knit so far.

There's lots I like about this stripe except I think it's too wide. Alas. I think the decrease section is too wide, not the garter stitch. I'll just have to try it, though, and see if I can make it work.
This is the width and depth I'd like, but I really wanted horizontal stripes. But my mind can be changed here - via empirical proof.

After that, I have one or two more places to look for that horizontal chevron stripe that's in my mind – that place of clutter. But if I am still unable to find it - after today - this sock is going to be knit up in a K3P2 rib and be done with it. It's too nice a yarn, to silky springy sweetly hugging a yarn to be separated from my feet any longer.

So There.
Vivid, exciting, challenging but fun stuff is going on at work. I'll write about that later this week.
Happy Happy Tuesday to you all.

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