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I, too, am excited for the FFF. Last year's mudfest was my first time, so this year I look forward to experiencing it with dry feet and ease of maneuverability!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007  

Only 24 more days till the Fall Fiber Festival in beautiful Montpelier, VA! I love this festival – the first of my autumnal fiber pleasures – and this year I'll be telling my spinning stories on Saturday, at 3:30. Do stop by and listen to new twists on old tales and new tales about twisting fiber. I'll also be at the Spirit Trail Fiberworks booth with Jennifer and this year my lace sock pattern will be for sale at her booth. All round, it's going to be a glorious weekend for me – with people I like and a craft I adore. Stop by for a hug!

In other happy Birthday Month news ... that photo of the McCall's magazine I posted last weekend was from ebay, where it was up for bid. Of course I bid and of course I won it too. Nothing like Nostalgia in the Mail for your Birthday, hmmm?

I'm back from 2 days in Richmond; library stuff and family. This was the first visit with my parents when I not only had enough time to stay till they were tired and ready for naps, but when they, neither of them, got weepy when I was ready to leave. I really feel I've turned a corner on one of the toughest emotional moves anybody has to make. I just feel good, and flirting around the edges of that good feeling is a hint of pride that we did it – and it is working.

No – and I do mean NO knitting was done while I was away, not even at Knitters Night last night, when only one friend came and we spent the evening pouring over Law of Attraction books. I have a photograph, one that will teach me to take a better look at my subject next time. But I do love these tiny red morning glories. They only come in September, but they run riot around the mailbox. This was taken a little late in the day so some blossoms had already given up the ghost.

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