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I like that little blue wardrobe. If it's in good shape, I might have to stop by your Goodwill store once you've donated it!

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Sunday, September 09, 2007  

Nothing like a lazy Sunday afternoon with high speed internet and electronic toys. I've been playing around with New Templates on my TheQueen'sBooks blog - because it's a small blog, easy to change around. It's not as hard as I thought it would be but it is going to take me a lot of time to put all my favorite sidebar stuff back. And I could wish there were more fonts.

I have also got a few more After shots - although this isn't really after, but somewhere about 30% of the way into the 2-Rooms-Into-1 project.

Coming in through the French Doors

And thank you Mary. I love these doors too. One day they will open onto a lovely shady patio.

Doorway into the kitchen - complete with clutter

This corner is a wreck. It was tidy for about 2 weeks after my Great January Clean-Up. That blue wardrobe is full of yarn - and it doesn't fit anywhere in the room - or it shan't once we move LD's furniture in. It will be emptied, its contents stored somewhere else in the room - either in new shelving or in LD's furniture - and then it goes to the Goodwill. It's NOT a family piece. It came from the Goodwill.

Site of Future Storage

What we are going to be strapped for is wall space for all these paintings - this one Mama did of me just before I graduated from high school.

Lawsee - I could play around here all day long. Yikes! I did play around here all day long. TA.

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