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Happy Birthday Week! :-) Love the photos of Great Falls. Love the socks! (And the doggie is cute!)

By Blogger Mary, at 10:56 AM  

Happy happy happy happy birthday, Queen Bess!

By Blogger Nerdy Knitter, at 6:16 PM  

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Monday, September 17, 2007  


Friday is my birthday and I intend to have fun all week long. In spite of what MrHoroscope had to say:
Your Week Ahead Forecast: What about the weather? How much longer do you think it will carry on like this? Never mind the zodiac forecast, let's just talk trivia instead. That's always much easier. Isn't it? Well, it may often seem to be. But, every so often, we have to look at life's challenges, answer its questions and face its facts. As Saturn now settles into your sign and the after-effects of the solar eclipse in Virgo arise, it's clear you are dealing with a situation that seems serious or difficult. You are likely to have to work very hard this week. But if you are brave and have faith, everything will have a happy (and easy) outcome... eventually.

Huh. Getting a little VirgoGloomy, isn't he? Fortunately, I knew I'd have to work very hard this week and I don't intend to get my knickers twisted either.

And, I seem to have hit a memory chord yesterday - so, for my Friends of Great Falls, here are a few more photos.
And More Rocks
Pretty canal walk.
At last I finished my Unisex/but knit for men sock I've been designing for J's Spirit Trail Booth.
I love this pattern – and I've named it the Great Falls Ribbed Sock, because it reminded me of this type of rock formation.

Okay, guys. Off to face TheWeek on Monday. But to make sure this post ends on an Awwww Moment – here is CuteDogPhoto.

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