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Wednesday, September 26, 2007  

"I just loved the Great Falls Ribbed Sock (deserving of capitalization!)! What wool did you use and where did you find it? The wool is glorious and so is the pattern. Thanks! RosysMom"

Thank you for the compliment. The yarn can be ordered from Spirit Trail Fiberworks, which does limited editions of unique colorways. Though she will repeat certain color themes, every dye lot is different. I know there will be more of this type of colorway but not this exact mechanical sequence of greys with tiny bits of tan and teal. Serendipity is always a part of an order from STF. If you are ever at Virginia's Fall Fiber Festival, Rhinebeck, Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival you can purchase at her booth. I know she does one other show out in the Midwest and another New England one but you have to check her website to see the schedule.

No decision on the stitch pattern for the CTH yarn. No knitting at all, in fact. Too busy yesterday. I'm back on WW again, which meets on Tuesday nights. Back with my BH, who makes it twice as fun. It's not easy to stay within the healthy eating parameters of WW when it's your Birthday Week but I managed to squeeze down half a pound, which, considering I was dined and dined and dined, was not bad. Besides, I've always said, “Down is down.”

I did finish the pattern for the Great Falls Rib socks, but I was so frustrated with writing it in Microsoft Word. I have some publishing software at work but I can't really use them unless it's after hours and I just don't have that many after hours to spend at the library. It's very hard to play in your place of work.

If all publishing software cost the same, I'd just bite the bullet and get one – but the range in prices is more than $100!! And TopTenReviews picks the $30 one as #2!! I'm really having a hard time deciding on which one to buy. So. I'd like you're opinions and I've created another 3 question survey. Pretty Please click on the button below and let me know what you use and what you like/dislike about it.

Thanks a million, y'all. I'll share the results.

posted by Bess | 6:57 AM