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Have a great weekend sortin' and siftin', dear heart. May the weather co-operate, and give you a crisp, sunny, go-get-'em time of it. There's something very soul-satisfying about the process, doncha think?


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Oh, my, it is a great, great honor to be adopted by a cat (and what fool cat wouldn't want to live with you???)

I am a Sagittarius whose rising sign is....
Sagittarius. That doesn't seem fair.

("Happy and upbeat, you are always optimistic.
Even when you're in a bad mood, people find you friendly.

On the flip side, you're very restless and bored easily. You've been known to pick fights just for the fun of it.

You've got a great sense of humor and a quirky outlook on life. Aggressive, wild, and unconventional, no one knows what you're going to do next.")

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Friday, September 28, 2007  

The house clutter has gotten to that stage where things have gotten worse before they get better. LD's furniture has been fitted into the nitches we'd prepared for it, but there are Other Things that will need to be tucked and stored and positioned. With FFF and Stitches East coming up on the following 2 weekends, I'll have to devote the entire weekend to stowing and shifting. A carpenter has been hired to build shelves (and more shelves) and he can't come soon enough. First of October, BD told him, and I hope he took us seriously. Thank goodness, way more than half of my stash is already in tubs and plastic containers.

This is probably the first time 80% of my stash – minus books, of course, has all been in the same room. Sheesh! I am a serious pack rat!

Woops. This is a dog who needs to learn furniture ettiquette.

There is now a CAT in our house too, and my dogs are having a fit. If you've ever read the book Angus and the Cat, by Marjorie Flack, just imagine that times 4. Of course, one of those dogs is already Rufus the Cat's sister, but Jack is beyond curious about this shadowy thing and his flapping tail is constantly knocking things over as he hunches his shoulders and stares Hard. Priss is worried and staying close to me, while Socks is mortified and has gone off to turn her face to the wall. Ahh well. My dogs are very kind dogs and will adjust, and Rufus the Cat is not a stranger – they've visited at his house before.

Cats are so territorial and RtC is such an outdoor animal – he walked up to LD's house and made himself at home – they didn't go out and get a cat – so I'm not all that sure he's going to stay with us. But if he goes back home, well, that's one farm over and I know the young man who will be moving into the house next week. He's a darling and if he ends up with a cat, I know he'll take good care of it. But RtC showed up last night, after spending the whole day SomewhereElse, so I am thinking he'll make his home here.

In the mean time, the younglings are off to explore the upper Midwest, where LD will be taking a new job in the power industry. It all happened in a short span of time, but I am glad for it – not a lot of time to fret about things. It is a very good move for them and good moves for children is truly what all parents want.

At one point, in all the moving and shifting and carting this week, I saw my current WIP dissappear beneath a stack of something; books or boxes or something, and so I am Not Knitting anything at all. Probably a good thing. I'm feeling too unsettled to concentrate on a project right now. And work is at a super duper fun, but superer duperer busy and complicated, stage. Several projects with Many Steps are on my desk and my only full time staff has been on vacation 2 weeks out of this month. Thank goodness she comes back on Monday.

Happy Friday to you all!

posted by Bess | 6:41 AM