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Yes. It's Cherry Tree Hill. And it is springy. Not as springy as Koigu, more like Jitterbug. So glad you had a great birthday. The shoes are definitely more than "Yes" and they're not blue. Enjoy your weekend. Rain sounds good. We're getting a bit but not what we were promised.

By Blogger Larry, at 8:39 AM  

Ahhh yes. But it's silkier than Jitterbug.

thank you again for this lovely yarn.

By Blogger Bess, at 8:45 AM  

Glad your birthday was happy! :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 12:03 PM  

Love those shoes! I'm glad you had a delightful birthday. :-)

By Blogger Catherine, at 12:59 PM  

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Saturday, September 22, 2007  

Birthday Report

Thank you everyone, for the happy birthday wishes. It was a perfectly perfect happy birthday. It began happy it continued happy and it ended so as well.

There were presents

A bit of back story about Gift Shoes. About a month ago BD and I were walking down Caroline St. in Fredericksburg, after dark, after the shops had all closed up. F'burg is fairly trendy for a small Virginia city and what isn't chic and expensive is antiques and collectibles. In the window of a shoe shop that looked to be filled with foreign (expensive) stuff, was a pair of the most comfortable looking shoes. Usually if they look comfortable they also look either clunky or ugly or athletic. These, though, looked like you might be able to wear them with a skirt that is not flounced, ruffled, and well below shin level. I don't usually discuss fashion with BD. I have decidedly strong, eclectically classic taste and he likes blue. What's the point? But I did comment on these shoes, made a mental note to come back one day and try them on, promptly forgot where I put the mental note and strolled on down the street. This is a man whose only clothing opinion is that the legs must be 30 inches long; whose, to the best of my memory (which I shan't claim is perfect on this count), sole fashion compliment is “Yes” - as in: Sample questions - “Do I look good in this? Do you like this? Isn't this pretty?” Actual answer - “Yes”.

Who'da thought he'd go buy those shoes for me!? And lawsee they are comfortable. Orthopedic slippers. Yep. That's how I'd describe them. Decidedly European, though they are actually made in Israel. So comfortable I thought I might like to sleep in them.

He dun' good.

There was also pampering

(Mama! Get your feet offa me!

and feasting (didn't get any photos there, but I did get to eat out for both lunch and dinner and though I really splurged at dinner I'm still good WW-wise for the week.)

and no real work that demanded concentration or even much thought.

It was Friday to boot! Which means I get to stay home for 2 glorious days and play with toys. And this is the birthday toy I plan to play with.
Yeah - I'll take a better photo when the sun comes up.

Last year – when I could have NoNewYarn (Jan. 13 post)– at least, not purchased by me – several loving friends gave me yarn for my birthday. This came from L. I'm embarrassed that I can't remember what it is, but I think it's Cherry Tree Hill Yarn and it is the silkiest springy sock yarn I've ever knit with. I cast on a sock with it last year but wasn't happy with how it was turning out. Frogged, wet-set, and re-skeined, I let it languish in the SheepBasket for months. I've cast on a different sock – but I'm not satisfied with it either – because this yarn says it wants to be cables – 3x3 cables of some sort - even if it is a dark, multi-colored yarn. I believe Barbara Walker has the stitch this yarn wants to be knit into and I'll give it a try later today. In fact – I'm thinking of just switching the pattern where I am and trying it out. If it turns out I don't like that one, I'll try another till I find one I'm satisfied with. Then I'll rip back to the ribbing with confidence. This is a sock pour moi, merci.

Happy Saturday. I smell rain.

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