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Why you'll be zipping around the internet in no time at all! I hope the installation and the break-in period are painless and swift!

I love the new sock design (I've got one percolating too!).

By Blogger Jane, at 5:52 PM  

Here's hoping GeekSquad gets my machine up and running again. Every day, all day long, I think of things (files) on it that I miss. Please, God, let me be able to recover them! Even if it means a new machine! (Wouldn't hate that too much, anyway!)

Love the new sock pattern -- a very nifty kind of rib. :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 1:56 PM  

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Monday, August 27, 2007  

Thursday. That's the day Mr.SatelliteMan comes to my house and connects his magical tools to our New(er) Computer. Yes. We did. We bought something from the recycler guy - Windows XP that still runs BD's beloved MicrosoftWord6. They call it Word 2007 these days - so you don't have to think about what it would otherwise be called - Word28? Word 64? Anyway - it leaves a man as happy as he can be and perhaps a little more complacent about the World-0-Computers. The dear thing said to me "I guess there's no point trying to get what you want from these things, you better learn to want what you get." At last. He has come to Right Understanding about this Brave New World.

The specially good news is that we have enough USP ports - on the front, thank you - to hook up my camera - and enough hard drive space to load a nice photo editing program. Yes, my dears. We have finally entered 2005!

My latest sock design is well on its way to completion. Each pattern is faster to write - if not to knit - so I don't expect to be so long with this one, even if it is chock full of twisted stitches. It's definitely a unisex design - and has been BD approved. My man is very conservative and too many curlicues would offend his sensitive tastes. This is basically a rib, if a bit of a fancy rib, so he didn't complain that it was .... ahem. er.hmmmm. (which translates to "too girly")

Here is a bit closer look. I think it shall get an afterthought heel. I think it might set off the textured ribs a wee bit better. We shall see.

posted by Bess | 10:23 AM