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You're so right about us Garfield (the Cat, not the President) said on a bookmark I own, "Virgo: A picky worry-wart". Hmmph! As for life shortening, well, JC pointed that out too: "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" (Matt. 6:27)...Ain't it the truth?! (Still, easier said than done, Hon.) Knit on!


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Glad your packaged arrived safely. And your still on the list for the late August delivery.


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Wednesday, August 01, 2007  

Oh La! It’s August already! I’d forgotten till just this moment. This means the August horoscopes will be on-line. Last Sunday Mr.Horoscope advised me to lay low, take it easy and shrug my shoulders, especially during this transit of Venus.

Actually he said this:

Your Week Ahead Forecast: If you are doing your best, what else can you possibly do? And if you are not doing your best? Well, here's a good question... how can you be so sure that you are not doing your best? Do you think that your best must automatically involve struggle and strife? Does the definition of 'best' inevitably involve sacrifice, compromise and the application of tedious efforts? Sometimes the very best thing you can do is nothing - or next to nothing. A policy of watch and wait can be the wisest of all options. As the Full Moon now obliges you to review old allegiances and alliances, it is becoming clear that actually, you are doing your best now and it is about to pay off.

And My Cyber Twin C said this:

... and realized that there was simply no way anyone could fix it all, and stopped worrying about whether I could do all of it, and narrowed my focus on doing a little of it.

Which is one of the reasons why I love her because she is NotAVirgo but she hit that target bulls eye. I’m not going to worry about it. I am Alfred E Newman. What? Me worry?

I don’t know why worry seems to equal so many other things: Proof you love someone (that’s my Mama). Proof you’re doing a good job. Proof you know enough to deserve the job you have. Proof you are important. Worry has to be the most usless, unproductive and misery creating thing in our lives. If I added up all the time I’ve wasted in worry in my life I think I’d have another whole life saved up. I could be two people at once! Me and TheWorrier. I am sure I can trace my worrying behavior back to a few sources, but it’s not really important to know why I do something stupid. It’s just important to stop.

Just this week it hit me that I’ve been working all year on attracting the things I want and not attracting the things I don’t want. Especially the things I worried about. Each time I’d find myself worrying about how I lost something, forgot to do something, felt hurt by something, wasn’t thin enough, rich enough, healthy enough, loved enough, I’d switch my thinking over to things I did want. Maybe it was being thin, healthy, rich and loved, but usually it was something closer to the day. I’d think about Mom living in some place where I knew she was eating well and getting her meds on time. Or on my way to work I’d think about a day where I remembered everything I was supposed to do - I’d imagine myself looking back at my desk from the office door and seeing it swept clean of clutter because It Was All Done. On my way to work I’d really get into the feeling of how it is when you know you Got It All Done. How strong you feel. How energized. How you would decide, since you felt so powerful, to go to the gym. I even faced my greatest and most fearsome task, getting Dad in a better place - and tackling his finances. That one involved a good deal of reflex worrying but pretty soon I switched it off and started with the asking, the imagining, the attracting.

And when I look back on this past year; well! If I listed all the things that happened or that I had to deal with - well. It sounds like the screen play for a disaster flick. But instead, really it has been the most wonderful year. True, I had a few moments of scary quaking in my boots, but mostly I’ve had a really good time and been really upbeat. And when I did find myself in a situation where I thought I’d have fun but instead felt like the fat girl at the cheerleader’s party... Well. I also felt very clearly that I could see Just what I didn’t like about it and Just what I wasn’t going to do next time. Like C saying she suddenly saw all the Wack-0 tasks she was being asked to do and could pick out exactly the ones she was going to deal with and exactly what she was going to let lie.

I got the idea to do all this from books, btw. Just months before Oprah catapultedThe Secret into the stratosphere, I’d stumbled upon several books by different authors, who were all singing this same tune. "You really do get what you ask for; at least, you get the nouns you ask for, no matter how loudly you predicate them with "Don’t! Ack! No NO! Not that!" I think most of those titles are in the side bar under The Queen’s Books.

Not that I haven’t always sort of done this. Sometimes it was just instinctive to do it and when it has been so, I got what I wanted pretty easily. The thing I hadn’t figured out till this past year is that I can deliberately just start asking for what I want and then letting it come to me. But this year I did, and when I look back over this past year, I’ve gotten more of the things I want, more of the time, in more areas of my life, than I have ever gotten before! Ever! It’s been the most incredibly wonderful year I can possibly imagine. Not an easy year, not a lazy lounging year; not one long vacation. But oh my, what a fabulously fun year with tons-0-progress in all areas of my life. Both my parents are in safe places they can manage. I’ve developed a loving bond with a sister I admire. I’ve gotten many good things done at work. I’ve changed some health habits for the better. I’ve challenged myself a couple of times and stepped out of my Personal Box Of Comfort - and found it was not so bad after all. I can make cold calls and sell tickets. I can sort through my dad’s finances. I can set a price for my story telling.

And by golly. I can stop worrying about things. I really have worried less this year, in spite of the asteroids-of-life that have showered down upon me, than any year I can remember. I don’t equate worry with success; not consciously, and by gum, not sub consciously anymore, either. And even though Saturn, the planet of Hard Decisions, is moving into Virgo in early September, I am not going to worry about it. In fact, I am redefining this planetary movement. I shall call it Saturn, the planet of Good Decisions that Stick, and I plan(et) to welcome him in.

Happy August to you all.

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