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Wednesday, August 22, 2007  

Nattering on and on and on.

We are having rain. We are having cool, grey, somewhat clammy days and roof-drumming nights. "Oh la, she’s talking about weather now. Sheesh! I thought this was a knitting blog!" I can hear the drought free, non-farming, probably knitting community saying as they click the little x up in the right-hand corner - but if you are the least bit gardenish - or even just green in general - you share my relief over this rain. True - this is only the second worse drought I’ve ever seen in 55 years, but lawsee it’s been dry. The farmer’s are harvesting our corn right now - pathetic though it is - and insured though they might be - because, even if you don’t have a crop, you have to burn up all that fuel to harvest what is in the fields and subtract whatever you get from what your average yield has been and that’s the part you are reimbursed for. Oh - I understand the math of it all - but ... I’m glad I’ve got my day job.

Hah! A day job from which I shall sneak away this afternoon to take my dear friend Lucy to the airport. Oh, well. Yes. There’s more than a quick drive to the airport involved. It’s also a day in the city with a friend who lives on an island where one might be able to pick up a pencil, or sugar, or a bar of soap - if the boat brought any on its last trip. Or then again - one might not. The Caribbean breezes, I am sure, make up for the lack of consumer goods, but when she visits the mainland once a year, she is not looking for quaint little shops, she’s wanting to go to the big box stores, the WalMarts and CostCos and Michaels and Ben Franklins, where she can get the things we think of as ordinary. Shopping with Lucy lets me see my own world in a different light.
And we will talk. And her mother will be with us and we’ll have that delayed 90th birthday party for her, complete with birthday cake, if we want it. I’ll do the driving because it’s urban driving in a city I know well.

Last year L#1, L#2, and I had the most splendiferous day, giddy with delight and excitement and discovery. We had both been immersed in Law of Attraction books - all new to me and still fairly new to L#2. The energy that pumped out of us was like the back beat in a rock ‘n’ roll song. It was L#2 who introduced me, via Lynn Grabhorn’s book Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, to the law of attraction literature. Thus began a journey that has transformed my life - and I am sure which made it possible for me to sail through such a summer as this has been. I haven’t ever been much of a proselytizer, though I am an enthusiastic - some might say gushing - introducer of things which interest me. That’s one reason I ended up in a library, where all ideas can be housed, shared, and kept ready for the next hungry seeker. I caught that pop-theory wave just before Oprah Winfrey started pushing The Secret, to which I had also been introduced, back when you had to order it from Australia and pay $60 for it. Once you start scratching the surface of an idea, you find others doing the same and a dear young man, a former boy scout from LD’s troop, gave me a copy of his and I knew this was something that had to be in the library. Fortunately, you can get it for $25 from Amazon these days.

And yes, I know, it’s nothing new, it’s power of positive thinking, it’s pro-active trust in a higher spirit, it’s belief in God, it’s faith and delight in that faith. At least, that is what I have gotten out of it and by approaching life with much more belief that good happens (not just s***t) I’ve realize that my faith is not misplaced - good really does happen. In fact - I think I will get me a t-shirt that says just that: Good Stuff Happens. And it’s been all I could do to not grab people and say "hey there, look at this! Did you know the good news? Wanna hear what just happened to me that proves it?" To the few who are dearest to me, who will not roll their eyes and cross the street next time they see me, I have confessed all my enthusiasm, iterated all my incidents of uncanny blessings, gushed my excitement all over their unsuspecting, but forgiving ears. To just about everyone else I’ve just said "oh, you might like this (or that) book." All part of that neutral, both sides of the issue, librarian training we get. Balanced collection is the library jargon for it.

There are a number of authors out there preaching this particular gospel and I’ve purchased quite a selection for the library: one for men, one for the tomboy girls, this one for the softer more spiritual types, that one for teenaged boys. Some do better in audio format, some in print, and it’s surprising how some don’t translate well into another medium. I’ve had the most fun seeing how folks react to these books, tapes and DVDs. I’ve even had the pleasure of seeing my most harsh skeptical critic finally "get it" and come tell me so. (she’s the friend who crossed the street) It helps that FamousTVPersonality pushed the concept, so I’m not just collecting fringe stuff.

Knitting blog? What? Huh? Oh. Well. Yes. You see, it was remembering that I’m going to spend the day with L#2, who got me started on all this good vibe stuff - a woman to whom I owe a deep debt of gratitude, but who wants only my happiness, not my thanks. But I am knitting. I am writing. I will be photographing. Give me a few more days and pretty pictures will be on the blog.

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