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Oh Bess, the sock yarn looks delicious! If I weren't on a yarn fast...

And is that Vogue edition out yet? Haven't seen it up here in the Great White North...but you can believe I'll go for one too -- just because it's, well, Vogue!


By Blogger Marg, at 12:20 PM  

I love your sock and the yarn -- lovely! So glad we get to see pictures now! And I'm happy to hear you're on the on-ramp of the information parkway, if not superhighway. ;-) You won't know how you lived without high speed, once you have it. (And your life will be vastly improved -- food will taste better, the air will smell sweeter.... Okay, maybe not that last part, but still - enjoy the speed!)

I don't normally buy Vogue Knitting, but this issue seemed like an important one to own, so I snapped it up.

By Blogger Mary, at 6:24 PM  

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Saturday, August 04, 2007  

La. I slept like the dead last night, or the deserving, at least. These hot nights don’t keep me from falling asleep at 10 o’clock - especially following hot sticky days or hectic ones at work. But for the past month I’ve been waking around 2 and reading for a couple of hours. It would be all right if I could just stay in bed till 8. I don’t mind sleeping a split shift. But if I want to read blogs or my personal e-mail, or write in mine, I have to get up by 6 on week days. After 7 or 7:30, the digital traffic jam absolutely shuts my dial-up down. (Don't you just love the image those words create? Shutting, both up and down? Inspite of the vivid word pictures, just imagine an Amish buggy on the freeway at 7:45 in your city. Yeah, right. Story of my life these past 2 years.

But that is about to change. Sometime in August a guy-in-a-van will rumble down my dirt farm lane and install a satellite dish and we will go purchase a computer that isn’t run by hamsters in fly-wheels and I will have decent internet access. Yes. I know it’s not the world’s finest but I’ve never been a freeway sort of driver. Dual lane is plenty fast enough for me.

I wonder how many hours of life I’ll regain when I’m not waiting for hotmail to load?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared photos of my knitting, though several times I’ve coyly mentioned that I’m designing socks for Spirit Trail Fiberworks. I didn’t want to post pictures of my work till I’d had a chance to talk it over with J, since I’m doing the work for her, for her Spirit Socks Club. Our schedules finally meshed and she gave the go-ahead for me to natter on about what I’m doing. My first sock design has already gone out but I forgot to load the picture of it when I was at work yesterday. Here is a scan of the lace that will be in the next design.


I’m working with a very soft merino/nylon mixed at an 80/20 blend but you will never believe it doesn’t have a smidgen of angora in it. There is the merest hint of a halo about the fiber - not enough to interfere with a pattern, but enough to make you think not just of socks but of baby bonnets and christening gowns. J is putting these yarns up in single (approximately, of course) 400 yard skeins, so the possibility of a baby sweater from a single skein isn’t out of the question. Maybe a baby sweater pattern is in the future.

Dear J and S are also working on Spirit Trail designs so you might like to check out their blogs too.

There’s been a little discussion on KRForums about the fall VK 25th anniversary magazine. I’d heard that Clara Parks was interviewed in it so I was going to buy it disirregardless of its other content. Besides, fall issues of knitting magazines are almost always worth owning. But this one has so much that excited me or intrigued me or left me thoughtful about knitting, design and knitters, I really want to give it a full review. I was particularly stimulated by the ads - the quantity and the quality. Be prepared, then - since one day soon I’m going make a similar post to this archival gem.

While on the topic of fall knitting magazines, the fall Interweave Knits also sports some interesting layout changes that kicked me out of my ordinary magazine routine. I don’t know if Eunny Jang - the new editor of IK - was responsible for the decision to put ads on all the back pages, pages that are usually just pattern text - but whoever it was ought to know that this is probably only the second time I’ve ever looked at Every Page in a knitting magazine. I mean - who doesn’t skip the pattern pages for designs they don’t want to knit, hmmm?

Alas though, there shall be precious little knitting today. I have serious house cleaning to do. Not the I deserve a sparkly environment type of house cleaning of Crazy Aunt Purl, nor the Got To Sell This Place type of cleaning of my cyber twin C, but the Company is Coming in 5 days sort of cleaning - ugh. Hope the breeze keeps up all day.

posted by Bess | 3:24 PM