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Welcome to the 20th century! ;-)

Okay, okay -- 21st.) Enjoy that new high speed. What will you do with all your extra time now? Knit, I hope! :-)

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Friday, August 31, 2007  

It’s just all so wonderful. The constant hum of a wheezing fan is gone. The shaky connection to the telephone - *poof*. I want to look at a web page and *boom* - there it is. If I want to post a comment on someone’s blog the little pop up screen fully opens. All of my blog shows up on the monitor now. I don’t have any reason to play endless games of freecell or solitaire. It’s just all so wonderful.

Now it is just a matter of adjusting myself to the new time frame. Once I had a whole morning routine - I even had a folder in my favorites that had all my regular morning sites in order so I could just click them off in my preferred sequence. As web sites got bigger and browsers became more complex and dial up calcified into petrification. (“Our mission is to provide you with voice phone service. Data transmission is your problem.”; July, 2007, Verizon Tech) almost daily I found myself dropping interesting news sources and eliminating google searches. Why bother if you waited 20 m minutes and then got the “Web page failed. Check with your network administrator” message. I still spent about the same amount of time at the computer in the a.m. I just didn’t do as much. For a while, I’d write blog posts or emails to friends in Word while the pages tried to load, but eventually even that couldn’t fill the long blank spaces of time. I wish I could say that as soon as I realized I was throwing away hours of my life to the waving Microsoft banner in the upper right hand corner I did something about it. Alas. I did not. I just complained - here and elsewhere - but you must understand. I live a shared existence and, while it may appear a cheap shot to drag BD into this equation, it is not quite just a matter of seeking an object for blame. My beloved is a historian who works at home. He lives in the past and must please only himself 90% of his day. The pliant give and take required of those who have work colleagues and drive in traffic is a foreign thing to him. Like Jack Horner in his corner, he spends hours dreaming up how he wants things to be and somehow they never coincide with how Microsoft, Verizon or even the very nice geek-boy in town think things ought to be.

It was pure dread that kept me from pushing hard for an Internet solution. That and some very real understanding about what BD was doing this spring as he ftp’d enormous graphic files around the country during a simultaneous book reprint and pamphlet development. I couldn’t see my way to asking him to adjust to a new machine, even if it did mean he could do his work a lot faster. Sometimes the learning curve is worse than the problem of Old Ways.

Instead, I cast my mind forward and imagined a point when I would be through the strum and drang of family issues, BD would be Done with Jamestown, and in comparative calm, we could enter the 21st century. August. In August we might be able to get back on the info-hiway. Maybe. Yes. August felt good to me. So. In true Law of Attraction/TheSecret faith, I asked - with joy and excitement and feeeeeeling - that I could have good Internet on a decent computer in August. I didn’t, mind you, ask BD if we could do this - I just asked the world. And on August the 1st, I got a call at work from Himself, himself.

“Honey? I think it’s time we called those satellite guys.”

“It means you’ll have to get a new computer, you know.”

“Yeah. Well. So?”

“You might not like how MicrosoftWord6 looks on the new machine.” (That was stupid. Almost peeked into the horse's mouth! gotta learn to Not Do That)

“So? Do you think I can’t find something I like?”

“No. I’m just warning you that every machine looks different even running the same programs.”

... other “what? do you think I am unable to adjust to modern things I will have you know I am always adaptable and always get along with everything just so long as it always goes my way” types of sentences...

That part didn’t last long, though, because I am not about to keep looking a gift from TheUniverse in the mouth or anywhere else. I just told him I would go with him when we shopped for a new computer. Once I was assured the ones he was looking at had all the features I wanted, he could pick his favorite from among them.

But I gotta tell ya – I was surprised - I mean, August 1? I ask for new computer and faster Internet - in August - and I get it on August 1? At least, I leap the biggest hurdle on August 1? I mean. Hey. I ought to have asked for it on April 1!

Happy blogging – and knitting to you all – and my goodness – go out and ask for what you want!!

posted by Bess | 7:40 AM