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Monday, August 06, 2007  

The house sparkles, except the kitchen, which is only tidy, and the porch, which I didn’t bother with. I have to move the 15 boxes of letters, photos and diaries out to the shed before I tackle that. I may leave it for BD, anyway, since he never seems to mind and I hate cleaning the porch. I don’t even like sitting on the porch this summer because it’s so dry outside the only thing you get to see is mammoth poke weed plants in the garden and dead grass. I’ll get to the kitchen later this week and later this morning I’m going to tackle Mount MailMore, which I just stacked up yesterday so I could dust the table it was on.

I’m off today and tomorrow; Dr. visits for BD and then another family pow-wow with Sister and Dad about $. His house sold last week - never even got advertised - at a fair price. Nothing like it would have brought in 2005 when people were mad to spend more money than they had, but a very fair price. And of course, it hasn’t closed - so I suppose nothing is certain till the ink dries. But we know what sort of numbers we’ll be working with and that’s always to the good.

Thanks for the compliments about the socks. They’re truly luxury socks - so soft, yet with body. This is heavenly yarn and I’m glad for an opportunity to play with it. And I just love lace socks. In fact - there are some lace stockings in my future - once I can be sure they’ll stay up if I knit them.

On a final note, I want to compliment IK’s editors for the really good technical articles in the fall issue. I found the cable discussion completely inspiring and the very clear photo essay on hairpin lace was top notch - and just in time to give some serious consideration to this:

Yeah. I know. You really need some great hips for this skirt, but oh my - I really do love it. It’s something of a goal sort of thing. And yeah, I know. It’s party fare. But I am still smitten. That’s the fun of a world full of tastes - even the outré will find it’s admirers.

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