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Pretty sock! Your patience in uploading it is our reward! I hope to get to the FFF this year, and also hope for good weather this time! :-)

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Bess, Dear,

Lovely socks! I'm with Mary; it was worth the all-day download. And you just go ahead and enjoy those two pre-planned days off. I know that we Vs tend to worry about deserving such stuff, but you can't argue with something that's already been scheduled! :-)


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Tuesday, August 14, 2007  

Ahh. It is back to work for me today. I’ve been out of the library so much this summer, people in the grocery store are asking me if I’ve retired. (“You wish” I tend to mutter beneath my breath.) Even this week is a short one, with two long scheduled days off. Yesterday I drove to Richmond to pick up Lucy at the airport and got lost!!! Yes. I am not sure if it is because there is a chunk of my brain missing or if the DOT took down some of the RIC signs along 295, but I was all the way down to Route 5 before I knew it and had to drive into Varina and onto Laburnum Ave. Friday I am going to go play with a library friend from King George. We scheduled this back in April, back before all the madness that is summer reading in a library, back when we thought August looked like forever away.

The next 2 weeks still require me to drive to doctors offices in Richmond but come September I believe we will be having our usual distant relationships with all the medical guys we know and for which we are so grateful. I am so glad there are doctors (and nurses) but I am tired of them. I’m a wee bit tired of this whole past year - and Sunday I cracked a little, with weepiness and crankiness and all round general pity party pouting. I can still hear a whisper of it hovering about me but I am telling it to go haunt someone else.

Knitting? What? you thought this was a fiber blog? A Knitting blog? Well, all right. Here’s what I have been working on. A lace sock pattern for Spirit Trail Fiberworks:

This is a fun lace pattern to work with because there are only 4 rows and 2 of them are straight knitting and the other 2 are the same sequence of stitches only staggered by one stitch. It’s from Barbara Walker’s first book and it’s such an obvious sock choice I can’t claim nobody’s ever thought of using it before. But the pattern writing is my own.

Lace doesn’t take nearly as much yarn as other knitting and there was enough in J’s standard skein put up to make matching toddler socks for a Mother/Daughter duo.
Adult lace
Child's sock lace - a little narrower.

This pattern will be available the Fall Fiber Festival in Montpelier, the first weekend in October. And here’s a head-up for the curious. I will be doing my Fiber Story telling in the children’s booth this year. Sooo excited about that!

*edited much later in the day:

It took all day to get these photos loaded.

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