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Happy 4th, Dear Bess! And yes, the knitting basket is definitely cute. :-) As for the have me both drooling over your collection of yarn/projects, and feeling prodded to (a) work on my own WIPs and (b) update my blog with photos!


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If you have to travel that far to get to an Outback, I certainly hope you ordered the filet! I so know what you mean about the fitted sweaters. Girlchild has been very successful at reshaping her body at the gym, she has gone from very pretty mortal being to bordering on supernaturally perfect. I have been moderately successful, I feel great and look better, but we've decided that July will be the Big Push Month to Git 'Er Done. I'm thinking of starting a tank, since it will be warm here through October, and right now the Plan is that the house goes on the market in November. And it's kind of inspiring to think of making a small tank and racing to fit into it. ;-)

By Blogger Catherine, at 6:20 PM  

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007  

Thank you for the compliments on the knitting basket. It is the cutest thing, isn’t it? My friend, who runs the little shop where I bought the peacock vase, sold them, oh my, 2 years ago. I’d post their website, but they don’t have one.

Tappahannock is a little town with some great shopping in it. There are 2 whimsical, but different, little gift shops and 3 antique shops all within a 2 block walk and another antique shop and a splendid little coffee place just a few blocks further. Of course, as is the case with one-off shops, if you see something you like, you’d best get it, for it might not be there the next time you look. It helps, though, when your friend, who knows you and your taste, is at the trade shows, because you can count on her coming home with something special she picked out just for you. I know that when I’m selecting books for the library, I frequently have specific patrons in mind and if I read about something I think A or B would love, I’ll put it on the order. And that library with the personal touch and the fantastic knitting and pretty durn good all ‘round craft section is just another 2 blocks away from all that shopping pleasure!

As for the contents of that basket, at the bottom, and taking up a good third of the space is this almost completed sweater.

Yep. Begun when I was a good deal slimmer and quite figure hugging, I have let it languish mostly because - who wants to knit on a sweater she can’t wear? It’s of Brown Sheep handpaint yarn, a mohair/wool blend that is springy and soft and surprisingly un-itchy, though I must admit that I am low to moderate on a sensitivity scale. It’s knit in a deep brioche stitch and very stretchy. Thus, the need to have very few lumps beneath the sweater, for it was ment to cling. It was also knit in pieces because I thought (and still do think) I need(ed) practice sewing pieces together. Especially putting in set-in sleeves. The body is done - sorry about the sideways picture - forgot to rotate it and can’t now. Two sleeves have been begun. There are no size 7 needles in the basket so evidently I needed them for OtherThings. I swear, when I die, somebody will excavate about 200 lbs of knitting needles and get the (wrong) impression that I was a commercial knitter.

Just looking at this sweater, and the image if me at the right weight wearing this sweater, gives me a little thrill. Maybe I ought to hang it on the refrigerator to remind me that I’m supposed to be following the WW regimen.

There was also this little ball of Jade Sapphire yarn,

silk and something wickedly luxurious, maybe cashmere or merino and silk or something. I forget and the other yarns are buried in my stash buckets. But I am sure there is a little silk in it because you can see the two spots where the dye didn’t take and that, my dears, is a sign of silk stubbornness. It really should be a shawl - maybe one of those knit half the yarn in one direction and the other half in the opposite. Hmmm. thoughts.

At the very bottom (oh lawsee - I just had the word image of "In the sheep’s bowels." Er. Sorry. Please laugh.) was this,

a gift from K, who brought it back from the Emerald Isle oh law, years ago. I simply love the idea of using a handkerchief, but I always imagine ruining it and so it sits, souvenir-like, it its little green box with its little foil shamrock on it, proudly proclaiming that it is Irish linen.

There were a few odds and ends of yarn leftovers in the basket, but I took them out. Everything in the basket is intended to be knit up - much of it, this summer, for, now that it’s July, it’s Christmas Sock knitting time. In fact, today I shall finish up that blue open toe sock and cast on it’s mate. I will also rip out the toe of the manly colored Regia sock I’ve been knitting for BD and make it just a tee tiny bit longer. I love it when I’m at the toes, because things go so swiftly that completion is a real option. And so, let us proclaim the goal for today shall be "both boys’ second socks on needles by bedtime."

Although it’s a summertime holiday, we can’t swim and we can’t go out in the boat because of BD’s (rapidly healing) eye. But we can eat. We are going to the Outback Steakhouse because the only time ever, during the whole year, you can get in without a one hour wait is on the 4th of July. Wickdly wasteful silliness, since we have to drive 100 miles to get to the nearest chain store steak house, but, then again - that’s 2 hours of knitting time.

But for the rest of you picknickers and firecrackers and otherwise outdoors playful types, Happy 4th.

posted by Bess | 5:01 PM