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Sending calm and happy moving-day thoughts - and good doctor visit vibes - your way, Bess!

I have a little bit of ShiBui yarn, and I'm saving it for ... something. I love the way it's dyed.

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You may not read this until tomorrow, after today is all said and done, but here's hoping that the doctor's visit and the apartment move goes perfectly smoothly, despite this god-awful heat and humidity. I'm running around with relatives all weekend myself -- I imagine we may pass each other on some Richmond road today.

Enjoy your respite with lace knitting at home tomorrow.

By Blogger Mary, at 2:20 PM  

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Saturday, July 28, 2007  

SRC is over and done with - with statistics up over this year, though not quite what they were in ‘04. Since we hadn’t done anything special to try to topple that benchmark year’s numbers, I am pleased. We beat the ‘05 and ‘06 numbers and that’s enough for me.

While I am not necessarily one who seeks opportunities to dust my hands and say "That’s one job well done", it doesn’t follow that I don’t enjoy being able to do so. And after today there will be another opportunity to do the same - for we help Dad move into his Independent Senior Living apartment today. There is every opportunity for him to be happy and have fun, but I must remember that in effect he’s losing everything he’s known since the 1950’s. All his old furniture is too big for an apartment. It’ll all get sold next weekend. So he’s moving into strange surroundings and there won’t be any going back. Must be patient and understanding. Must be patient and understanding.

Once the liquidation sale is done there will be money to buy new pretty apartment sized things for both mama and dad. That should help cheer them both up a bit, although it still isn’t the same. I hope hope hope, I plan plan plan, to do this for myself, when I still can, and not when poor LD has to do it for me.

But no matter how Dad feels at the end of today, I know I will be dusting my hands and saying "that’s another job well done."

The sweetest thing happened to me yesterday! LJ from EweKnitKits in Va. Beach called me with the happy news that the Shibui Sock Yarn had come in. I’d asked her to let me know when they got theirs since I didn’t want to scour the net looking for it. Besides, it’s nicer to buy from a friend. And she remembered! She kept on top of it for me, emailed me when it came in and then a week or so later just hunted down my phone number and gave me a call. Now - this is a shop I’ve never visited, only because I haven’t been to VA Beach in ages and it’s 100 miles away. Talk about customer service and making me feel special! So, this is what’s on its way to me via our friendly postman:

I also have to take BD into the doctors today. He still only sees white haze out of the left eye and doesn’t drive except on the little empty road from our house to the post office. He would be useless helping a cranky old man set up housekeeping, so I will park him at Sister’s house for the day. Thank goodness the brothers-in-law like each other. It may be we’ll all go out to eat tonight - or it may be that BD will have had enough of waiting and want to go home. But tomorrow - ahh tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will play with lace socks.

posted by Bess | 6:12 AM