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With my "real" name I got Fleur Brocklehurst. But with my online name (fillyjonk) I got Cassandra Durmstrang, which seems much more dramatic and "darker."

(And yes, I know who the original, mythological Cassandra was.)

By Blogger fillyjonk, at 9:30 AM  

Olive Shrivelfigs, reporting for duty! I quite like that....


By Blogger Amie, at 10:50 AM  

Your very welcome! I've had to change my name for online for the blog to go with the sock swap so for now just call my "Lily Pettigrew". Good thoughts for BD's surgery and recovery are coming your way . . . I'll wave my wand in your directions ;)

By Blogger "Lily Pettigrew", at 7:08 PM  

Millicent Trelawney here. I have a full day of errands and picking up that book is one of them!

By Blogger Catherine, at 6:34 AM  

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Friday, July 20, 2007  

Oh! Suddenly something interesting has cropped up, changing my knitting plans in the nicest way. I am still knitting away on that second Christmas sock, planning to durn near finish it today, in fact. And there is a second pair of Christmas socks that must be knit as swiftly as possible. But in the mail yesterday was a box of sock yarns from Spirit Trail Fiberworks, each yarn asking for its own sock pattern. Yep. Just as I’m getting all fascinated with the many permutations of sock pattern designing, along comes a request for me to do just that very thing. This wasn’t a total surprise - I knew J wanted me to come up with a ‘nother design, but in the box were four different yarns, twisted into colorful nests; each a mouthwatering temptation, each inviting my fingers to curl into its springy wooliness. I’m so excited I want to stay home and knit all day.

Which I can’t, of course, but I can knit all day today, when I am not driving, that is, and I can hustle along on my Christmas projects AND I can also start working on the commissioned designs, because, as a Totally Fractured ENFP, I am happiest when I have several projects going on at the same time. That way, completion can sneak up on me and I’m more likely to avoid Completion Grief by just not finishing a project. I know this is a bizarre attitude, but I also know myself. Neatly stacked, all in a row, everything in its final resting place, that’s one good job well done, is not an ENFP’s preferred state of being. It may be one we most admire, but it’s definitely guaranteed to make me feel Loss, Nostalgia, and Depression. We should always be in harness. We should be in charge of all toddlers. We need work that never ends in order to feel, not just safe, but immortal, for, as long as there is Work To Do, we will always be Necessary.

Er. Ahem. Er. Mmmmm. Yes. Well.

(Look a bird!) (an ENFP joke)

I succumb. Sorry. I just can’t keep a linear approach to the world today. Here is a random cluster of things I am noticing right now.

* J and C, two of my favorite mute bloggers updated their sites this week.

* Following M's winding path I came to this:

Click me.

Which tells me this: You have successfully transfigurated yourself into Fleur Quafflepuncher. This is good. I like being a Fleur and I rather like Quiddich too, so I am satisfied.

Got to admit, this is cute. I am sure there are Harry Potter-things all over the web these days. I haven’t looked for any, but I did stumble across this and I wanted to share. Thanks, M.

* Oh C. Oh wicked twin. I think I shall put one of these out in front of Daddy’s house too.

Honestly, they'll publish a book about anything these days.

So. My dear hearts. Off to the city now. Accepting all prayers, wishes, good thoughts and white lights for BD’s successful surgery and speedy recovery. And for those of you who have sent them already, M, R, J, et. al? Fortylevendyhundredthousand hugs of thanks.

posted by Bess | 7:10 AM