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Thursday, July 26, 2007  

Just as I thought. HP&OoP does much better as a movie than a book. And the really smarmy crap from Dumb. at the end was edited down to a minimum. The stupid statement that he wanted to "keep HP safe" did not further challenge my intellect or sentiments (or stomach) by adding that he "just wanted Harry to have a normal childhood." Yeah. Right.

But as a transition from cute magic stuff with pet-able creatures to X-Men struggles, with a logical opportunity for Our Favorite Heroes and Heroines to learn how to cast a patronus spell, it was just right and fit neatly into the time frame. The two wicked witches added to the mixture were deliciously evil, although I had always pictured Belatrix as being colder and more stately and a little less like a rock star gone bad. I guess I just think controlled evil more impressive than the p.m.s. type. Snape, the wicked, scares the bejeezus out of me. Pre-teens on emotional steroids bring out the parent.

No knitting was done yesterday, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a photo of my sock design, being offered as the first pattern in Spirit Socks Club Update in the latest newsletter from Spirit Trail Fiberworks. This is the sock I was working on in June - the one you did not get to see. I shipped them off without taking my own photos, so it’s nice to see them in pixels. I am working on 3 more designs for STF and simply loving it; both working with the different sock yarns in J’s glorious colors and the mental challenge of designing. This opportunity came about in the late spring and when I said yes to it, it completely changed my knitting plans for the rest of the summer. But hey. Plans are just possibilities. I (almost) never make plans that can’t be upgraded when better options come along.

Today is the last day of Family Film Night at the Library and tomorrow our Summer Reading Club comes to a close. It hasn’t been too hectic a summer at work so I’m not sure if I’ll feel the letup, but I am sure my staff will. I’ve been having some quiet time these days, weeding the video collection, to make room for more DVD’s. We’re a little more ruthless with them than we are with the audio collection, since many folk still drive cars with just a tape deck in them. But one of these days, all those bulky cassette boxes will follow the bulky video boxes and it’s possible some of those titles will never be seen or heard again. Eh. That is the way of technology. You gain some, but you always lose some too.

This morning I must stuff TheReunion invitations - 100+ of them. On my lunch break I’ll print out the mailing lables and after work I’ll have about an hour of sticker fun with stamps and lables and then I will have fulfilled my obligation for another year. God knows why I always put this off so long. Heck. I could print, stuff, stick and store these things any month of the year and then just pop them in the box come July 1. Well. Maybe one of these days I will.

Okay - guess this means it’s off to Secretarial Dooty for me. Happy Thursday.

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