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Well the RSS sure helps out your regular readers who use feed readers. Otherwise, I would fall far behind in reading you!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007  

I have the Statscounter code buried in my blog template somewhere and I can go to their website and see how many people log on, and before RSS feed came about, I could also see the link to the website that directed the visitor to me. This, in turn, led me to some delightful blogs and websites. Sadly, now that it’s RSSly fed to my visitors, I don’t discover any new seekers. I’m glad people still visit, but I can’t visit back in return. The only changing, and unusual places that direct people to TheCastle now are search engines and, my word! You wouldn’t believe the odd searches people type in, nor would you believe the bizarre word connections that link my site to their search. Oh, some are knitting searches since obviously, there’s knitting content here and some are queen searches because my name is Like the Queen’s and some are porn searches because all things on the internet eventually lead to porn. But some are completely off the wall - like the one about Wonder Bread building strong bodies in 12 ways. Certainly I remember those ads. I probably said something about them too - or used the slogan as a bit of flippant description, but don’t you just wonder what that seeker thought when she went looking for bread and ended up on a knitting blog? Can’t you just see her face?

There you have it, though. Obviously nothing much to write about. My long haul into Richmond, yet again, left me thoroughly tired of that place. I’ve been there so many times this summer I can’t imagine ever wanting to go back. And I have to go back. I am thinking 3 more times before the house goes on the market. I’m hoping that is all.



Forgot about all the coming doctor visits.

Okay, please, then. Only once a week from now on, Please universe?

I’m knitting on another commissioned sock. Christmas socks are set aside for a bit - for I really must get this other sock out of the way. There will be a number of them in the next few weeks which will totally engross me, but not be for public consumption ... yet. It’s challenging and it’s fun and there will be new skills under my belt when I am done.

Hmmm. Pretty dull here this morning. Think I’ll go pick up the needles. Happy Tuesday to you.

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