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So sorry for your funk - I'm glad you're leaning on friends to bring you out of it. Congrats on the budget and on finding your dad a place to live. My SIL's mother is also living there now, and it is wonderful. I think you all will be happy you found that place -- rejoice! :-)

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007  

Are you striding in or shuffling out? Are you about to enjoy a great success or are you engaged in a serious damage limitation exercise? Your confidence is oscillating. Your enthusiasm is dissipating. Matters might improve if a particular person stopped changing their tune. But then, we must ask, how come you feel obliged to dance to it, regardless of what it may be. And while we're asking, what about holding your head high and expecting the best, regardless of what you fear?

Oh Law! Thank you Mr.Horoscope!! This past week was so busy and so good and so productive and yesterday around 4:30, after I’d faxed the draft budgets off to the budget committee members, I tanked. Just slid down the slope of sloth into sluggish sadnessness, both mentally and emotionally. Even the truly good news that, in one foray, my utterly magnificent Sister found a senior condominium place Dad LOVED! and he wants to move NOWNOWNOW!

Once started into the slough of despond, it was easy to hit bottom fast. I realize I must not look at any more old photos for a while. I’m creating futures out of pasts that are gone forever. I’m getting blue when I ought to be content. Heck. I actually got a freakin’ budget done - one that makes sense and might actually work this coming year. I ought to have been jumping up and down with glee! Instead, I drove home, mentally listing every reason for being sad, even the little ones tucked into corners of my psyche. I dragged through the evening right on the edge of crankiness or weeping and I woke up this morning gloomy and blue.

And whatever for? Humph. Seems to me an attitude like that is bound to attract every bad driver, every rotten patron, every technological glitch hovering out there looking for a soft spot to land. So. Again. Thank you MrHoroscope. I don’t have to dance to anybody’s tune and what the heck. I think I’ll go expect something really good. Something like ... email from friends! Yes. Letters from all my dear ones who haven’t written all summer. Yes yes! I am going to look forward to hearing from people I think might not like me any more (shades of Sally Fields). :D

Keep your head up too, ya here?

posted by Bess | 7:06 AM