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Oh where did you get your knitting basket? That's too cute!

By Blogger Heidi, at 1:15 PM  

Well, you know that blue-green Trekking sock is my favorite, (of course), although the lavender with the lace cuff is a close second. What yarn did you use for the lace cuff?

By Blogger Mary, at 3:14 PM  

That is the cutest knitting basket ever! I could never own such a thing, that would totally arouse the Terrier Prey Instinct. Murphy would have to attack it, and then I'm not sure if he'd want to kill it or marry it.

By Blogger Catherine, at 6:17 PM  

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007  

Ahh. Amie - I’m so glad someone heard my voice and could laugh with me. I’m particularly glad it was you. I do feel a little guilty about the photo tease, though it was unintentional. Time was the enemy yesterday morning. But I got home early enough yesterday evening to sit down with my knitting basket

and the camera for an exploratory journey inside, to find out what is waiting patiently for my tender ministrations.

First the yarns. This is some sock yarn from Holly Springs Homespun in Powhatan County. It’s a very heavy yarn and they have their own pattern for it, which I didn’t buy. It’s called something like Spring Bouquet and I plan to make it into some winter weight socks, using a basket weave stitch on the cuff but a plain foot.

Here is another of their yarns, a merino silk blend -
I am sure it is the same stuff J uses. I knit socks for the Spirit Trail booth from this luxury yarn. I’m not sure how strong it will be, it ought to be plenty sturdy, but then I am not hard on socks. I’ll make socks for myself out of these skeins.

This is the leftover ball of the same yarn, dyed by J for her Spirit Trail Fiberworks.
I just realized it ought to be a baby’s hat and I’ll knit it up for her in time for the Fall Fiber Festival.

And here, in ascending order of completion, is the reason why one can never own enough tools like these.

All of the following are languishing in their present state because I’ve ripped the needles out of them for Other Projects.

I once belonged to a very inexpensive sock club - commercial yarn plus a pattern - for $15 a shipment. When the woman who sponsored this club joined up with the folk who bought out Patternworks the club ended, but I have been feasting off the yarns from that club for a long time. It was lots of fun to get a little surprise each month without having to shell out big bucks - heck, without having to do anything at all except pay homage to Visa. Here is one of the yarns that have yet to be knit up into anything:

Here is the toe of a toe-up sock made of beautiful yarn I got for my birthday last year.

In the midst of my yarn diet, darling L sent me a care package and this yarn will be knit up into a highly textured sock, probably something out of Sensational Socks book 1.

Here is the black Regia Silk Cuff that will one day be the foundation of my D’Artagnan Socks.

Here we have a nice 60 stitch cuff in Trekking - not sure who this will go to or if I shan’t rip it out and use it for something else. I am sure this started out life as a Sock for BD. Can’t tell you why it aborted the way it did. Something better must have come along.

Here we have a foot with no cuff and a cuff with no foot.

The footless cuff is another Sock Club offering. It is the only one I tried to knit into the pattern that came with the yarn. The stitch is very interesting, but it’s about a 30 row repeat and if I remember correctly, it was uncharted. I got so tired of reading the directions I set it down and then, alas, lost the pattern. The cuffless foot is a Lorna’s Laces yarn that started out life as a scarf. It’s my first toe-up effort and it’s really not very good. I believe it deserves to be ripped out and knit again. It’s way too pretty a yarn to be badly knit. It just might become a Christmas Sock.

Next is a sport weight man’s sock that needs only have the toe grafted - and you see the Gourmet Yarn Bra beside it, that holds the rest of the yarn.
There is no excuse for not finishing this pair - they can be knit on size 3’s.

Here is a completed, but mateless lavender lace sock that really must have its mate knit. I have the yarn for it - Brown Sheep Wildfoote - picked up at the yarn store in Fredericksburg. The horseshoe lace pattern is from a BW book and looking at this sock I think it, too, might become a Christmas Gift. It’s very pretty, isn’t it?

Lastly - here is a completed pair of socks, knit from gorgeous Spirit Trail yarn, that started out life destined to be mine, but when my mother saw them as I knit beside her hospital bed last October, she asked for them and I gladly gave them to her. Alas. They are too small for her diabetic feet. She ended up with some very brightly colored Interlacement Toasty Toes socks so she is happy, and these can be ripped out at the toe and re-knit a bit to fit me.

Tomorrow we discover what lies at the bottom of that sheepy basket.

posted by Bess | 12:31 PM