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Next year you'll have to come along with us to the Mannings Spinning Day - you would love it - it's like a little condenced S&W fest...


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Shoot -- if I weren't going to Blacksburg this weekend, I'd be up for Rivahfest -- sounds like a blast!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007  

Woo. The Queen hath not vanished. She’s just in and out of range of both a computer and a block of time - at the same time - long enough to post.

Thursday and Friday I was at a library advocacy conference - where both speakers were quite good, the food was too rich, we sat long hours and I didn’t think to take a bathing suit. I knew where the hotel was and the thought of stripping down on North Boulevard in Richmond was just... not appealing.

We spent all of Saturday either in a car or with family and got home after midnight. Our darling girl of a cousin graduated from high school. I went to her sister’s graduation festivities, 2 years ago - right after BD’s heart attack at a time when I was particularly sensitive to the passing of time. I wrote a post that melted all nostalgic; about driving through My Home Town listening to My Version of Oldies Music and remembering My Old Days Long Ago. This time BD was with me and he insisted on me driving after we missed the Chippenham turnoff ... while taking the southside route which I really don’t like - even if it is shorter. It’s grungier. This was not the nostalgia grip of 2 years ago. Thus it always is for the Second Daughter.

This week started with a Bang and a Buck. A buck out the window that is - or rather, a bunch of ‘em. It’s mid June now and every penny in the library coffers has to be spent by the 30th. So I am bookkeeping like crazy. The Computer Wizard also visited and did glorious things with our machinery. He was completely swept away by our new microfilm reader. It’s fun when you can impress a magician.

We’re also all pitching in to load up the supply cabinet with Stuff for the Summer Reading Program - which begins on Monday. It’s that time again, when we are all where we were hurrying up for. New help starts on Wednesday, more new help comes in on Monday. Can’t start too soon for me.

I am knitting. I am working on a project, though that has been commissioned by someone else and it’s not mine to blab about. It’s fun and just a little challenging for me, to be sure I have everything right. I’m such an 80% knitter myself. I let the inherent stretch of the knit stitch and crimped wool cover up my 20%’s worth of mistakes. This knitting can’t have any mistakes so it’s taking longer than usual.

The rest of the week will be a blur. A fun blur, mind, but possibly fuzzy. Saturday is our town’s outdoor festival, Rivahfest! Ha! I haven’t even had time to look at the weather for Saturday. Well. Let us hope I can find a wonderful jewelry vendor who is selling good, cheap earrings, because broke up the last pair I had by loosing a singleton just last week.

Oh goodness. Just thinking about what lies ahead in the next few weeks is giving me mental eye strain. It’s only 8 weeks to the Family Reunion and I never did get the corrected addresses from cousin Nettie.

Where is my carefree summer going?!?

Okay. Time to start making lists. Be back tomorrow.

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