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Well, I'm definitely going to watch that movie at some point -- I'm gointg to check my local listings to see if the Nat'l Geo channel will be airing it. Otherwise -- Netflix it is! How exciting!

So sorry about his eye. I'm just thankful it happened in this age of advanced laser surgery. I have a good feeling that things will work out well, and I will also pray for you guys.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007  

Who would believe TheQueen could be so silent - MrsLoquacity herself - going days and days without posting. But there you have it. Though the Greek’s say, “All things must flow”, obviously sometimes they must lie quiet.

Rest assured I am knitting. But today I want to talk about BD - which stands for Big Darling - who is my husband, Ed Haile, for those who never did catch his real name. I want to brag on him and I want to ask you all to say a prayer for him too.

First the braggy part - If you haven't seen the move The New World....Nightmare at Jamestown, made by National Geographic - do watch it. It's quite good. The title is unfortunate since it’s the same as the Hollywood one that has Collin Farrell playing a neurotic John Smith, complete with the ubiquitous slack jaw and wet mouth that is what passes for sexy among today’s male stars. They (Natn'l. Geo.) really did a good job getting the facts down and while there is a point of view, it’s not either politically correct OR politically incorrect. They do have the obligatory spooky music to crank up your emotional commitment to the tale, but really, they did a splendid job telling the story. I’d say, for a film, it’s smack on accurate, though BD says the maps aren’t. He would know. He’s Mr. Jamestown.

And that’s really why I’m bragging today because - Ta Da - my darling is one of the talking heads in this movie. I think he’s the first one, in fact, but anyway, he’s the Edward Haile, author of Jamestown Narratives ... and it’s really exciting to see him pop up on the screen - to hear his voice coming out of the box. Call me star struck or innocent, but by golly, call me proud. They used two film clips of Ed. Even though this is really Bill Kelso's movie - he's the archaeologist who has made such wonderful discoveries on Jamestown Island - which is as it should be. I was also pleased to see they made mention of Bartholomew Gosnold because he really is one of the unsung and mostly unknown heroes of Jamestown.

But there’s more!

In the special features section they have the short documentary they made about Smith's voyages around the bay. This film was made 2 summers ago. All the footage of Ed was filmed down here, at the end of our road - right smack on the Rappahannock River. It was thrilling and a little giggly, when, one summer morning, 2 big vans drove down our long long long dirt lane, exciting the dogs into barking frenzies. They pulled up, the doors opened and a bevy of earnest young things in Banana Republic outfits, all decked in cameras and rucksacks, hopped out. They filmed all day, much to the delight of our neighbors who live at the end of the road. They made a 20 minute documentary that is used at museums and unveilings and all the Jamestown events that have the equipment to show movies.

So. Here’s an opportunity to watch lots of good history and all the fun of knowing one of the talking heads! It’s available through Netflix but you might also check your public library.

But the not so good news is that last night the retina in BD's other eye detached. We are going in to Richmond today for surgery. Please think loving thoughts, or pray, or envision him in healing white light.

And you all take care of your eyes too. they are so precious!

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