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I am like you on the "yelping." I tend very much to wear my heart on my sleeve, so I understand.

That said: I am so pleased to hear his surgery went well (and yes, although I didn't have time to post a comment, be assured I knew, and I was praying for him) and I hope he has a continued smooth recovery.

I am happy to hear they have improved the retina surgery; I know someone who had it years ago and it was....well, let's just say, unpleasant.

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I'm sticking to my guns. I've decided that I will keep a little notebook of ideas that come to me about things I would make if I had the yarn, and revisit the list when the yarn fast is over and see how many items still give me the urge. I'm betting about 25% will have staying power and I'll eventually buy the yarn to make 'em. The rest are a fleeting impulse.

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Friday, June 15, 2007  

We had a long day in Richmond. I suppose since BD had to be fitted into their schedule of appointments we should be glad we got in at all, and of course, since we didn’t know exactly where the office was we left a good bit early. The result was 3 and a half hours in the Dr.’s office and we get to go back today for the surgery. It’s the same surgery he had in ‘99 but it’s now outpatient surgery, which means that we get to go back to Richmond tomorrow for the doctor to see how he is healing and take off the bandages. At the cost of gas, these days, we’re almost spending as much as a night in the hospital.

But this is a pretty time of year to be driving up and down the highways. We went home a new way yesterday, meandering through rural Hanover County and coming out of the verdure onto Broaddus’ Flats, through that marvelous tunnel of trees let you peep down the road to Hanovertown. It doesn’t get much prettier than that.

And for all that it is distressing for anybody to have any health issues, neither BD nor I are too bent out of shape about this one. The medicine and treatment for it are sound and well practiced and he is actually happy that now both his eyes will have the same focal length. So. There. We take our pleasures where we find them, hmmm?

I got in lots of knitting time - still making socks. Still not photographing socks. I will get in lots more knitting time today. But this time I will go out to lunch rather than wait around for the doctoring to be done. I suspect BD won’t be too hungry when they’re done with him.

I want to thank all the folk who have written loving encouraging e-mails. I know I tend to yelp out distress calls when BigThingsLoom. Truth is, I do a whole lot better when I feel like there are people who love me and who have my back. I find it weird when people preface spiritual thoughts by saying “I’m not a praying person, but this time ...yada...” I mean, if you don’t get anything out of prayer, fine. But if you do, why stint yourself on it? I get so much out of it that I don’t mind asking everyone out there for a little help. For me it’s an energy thing - a vibrational thing. Like sound waves that have the power to break glass, or cause molecules to unite, I like to have all of that sort of help I can when something spooky or scary or daunting looms up on my horizon. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I believe you made a difference.

And C? Blogger won’t let me post comments today but you stick to your guns with that yarn resolution. I am so glad I did. Doing so was Transformational!

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