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Cote d'azur! Man, doesn't that sound wonderful about now? Perhaps we should visit and root out that knitter!

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Saturday, June 23, 2007  

This is a public blog so there are lots of things I don’t write about. They are either too trivial or too personal or not personal enough, for they involve others. But it is also the only record of my life for the past 4 and a half years. So when a week like this tumbles out of the sky, a week crammed so full my brain quit functioning, and yet it wasn’t a week glorious enough to justify eloquence, I’m sort of inclined to break my Rule Of The BlabberMouth and put down a mnemonic list, just in case I ever want to remember that it really can get worse, that things aren’t so bad.

Because this was the week that:
* SRC began with a kick-off program that was wildly successful, whose other weekday activities were attended by twice the number of children we’ve ever had before. We had 4, count 'em, FOUR, packed programs this week. Imagine giving 4 birthday parties for about 100 children in 4 days.
* A drunk man was sleeping by the front door on Tuesday (Lawsee, I’d forgotten about that. In a town where there are no visible homeless people that’s a real standout.) He spent the day but he wasn’t there on Wednesday.
* Somebody tried to break into the library. Police were swarming around while the children were coming in for story hour
* The expensive alarm system we put in didn’t go off when the person tried to break in, even though it will go off if a mouse creeps across the floor.
* One of my summer workers found out she had to go to summer school and won’t be working after all - try hiring a good temp this late in the summer!!
* There was a mistake in one of my bank deposit records on QuickBooks. Not a math error, just a mis-label. I thought "heck, easy to change that". WRONG. Now there is a BIG math error. And all the books must close - accurately - next Friday. Thank you retrograde Mercury.
* Walked into a restaurant with only one table filled - by my sister in law - of BH’s Horrific Custody Hearing - and my husband’s x-wife. And the only table with comfortable chairs is the one exactly next to them!! I mean, what do you do? Walk out?
No. You can only laugh. And slap on your southern sugar smile. And laugh again, because fate’s other name has to be Anansi.

And all this is going on this week - a week of unbelievable busy-ness at work - at the Same Time that I have out of town guests I reeeeeealy love and want to be with AND we have to drive 100 miles to a crucial-but-fit-you-in doctor visit for BD’s eye. Which is healing nicely, yes, and thank you for asking. He will be just fine after a month of lounging about and taking it easy. Which is funny since he’s the least taking-it-easy sort of fellow, while I, who have been rushed off my feet, could probably be a slug for a month and be glad of it!

Surround this week with no rain at all and corn tasseling at hip height with no ears on it - well. Well. Well what a week!

Wonder what next week will bring?

Oh - and - whoever is reading this from the cote D'azur - Wish I were there.

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