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I love sweet peas -- I need to remember to plant some next year....

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007  

Thank you Mary! I’ll try those addresses - on the faster computers in the library. I did try to reset the date in the archives function but it was already set to June 2007. Fortunately I can still find the old posts when I’m in Edit Posts but I wish they showed up. I probably erased something important onetime when I was fiddling with the template.

Here’s something funny about blogger now. Since it automatically saves my posts, when I put a picture in the side bar - which I code by creating a post and the copying the code for it into the template - it save the picture and any comments I make as a draft post. I was wondering where all those draft posts came from when duh... enlightenment dawned. Well. They can be deleted.

As for the needles - I bought 3 #2 circulars from KnitPicks and two of them have turned out to be defective. One just has a kink in the cable but the other had a loose tip that I eventually lost. I like the tips of these needles and the flexible cable and I’m not saying all their needles are defective. Just been my experience with them.

I will always prefer the Addi’s because I like the heft of the Addi tips. I also like the slightly less slick finish on the new lace needles, and their tips are nicely sharp. I just don’t like the heft of the price! But if I were teaching a class on sock knitting and supplying the materials, I’d buy KnitPicks needles. They’re okay.

I was so exhausted yesterday, after conducting 7 class tours of the library, I skipped the gym. Every bone in my body ached - and that is because the plantar fascia of my left foot is acting up and when that hurts, well, the foot tendon is connected to the leg tendon, and the leg tendon is connected to the hip flexor and so on. I probably won’t get there today, though I’m taking my bathing suit just in case. Wednesday the load is lighter, and the rest of the week it will all fall on my assistant’s shoulders. I’m off to Richmond Thurs. and Fri. for a boss librarian meeting. And I’m not driving so I will knit in the car. Yippee!

Here’s what’s blooming I the garden this week:

A climbing White Dawn rose and some sweet peas.

posted by Bess | 7:34 AM