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You're very welcome, Miss Bess. Glad they're fixed. I actually went back in your archives yesterday to your very first month of posts and started reading, and really enjoyed myself! And I love your little sketches! :-)

Now, what will it take to get you to turn on your RSS feed for those of us now using feed readers? Hmmm? Pretty please? Sugar on top?

By Blogger Mary, at 4:54 PM  

If we toss cashmere and shiny beads your way, will that do it?

Glad you got the archives back -- I browse them every so often, too.

By Blogger Jane, at 6:43 AM  

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Thursday, June 21, 2007  

Just a pop in to say hello. We have guests right now and computer time is scarce. In addition, we’re off to see the dr. for an eye check-up. And work is intensely busy. And the heat broke yesterday giving us the sweetest of days. Still knitting socks. I got new glasses and it is much easier on my eyes now.

Gigantic Bouquet of Thanks goes to M, who lent me a little code to put into the blog - and bring back my archives. What a relief that was. Thank you thank you thank you, Miss M.

I posted my observations about those Addi Lace needles on the KRForums and Karin Skacel wrote a lovely post about metric vs. American sizing. And I know about it, and all. I don’t usually pull out my metric ruler and measure knitting needles and I know that different brands are ever so slightly differently sized, but they’re all pretty close to the same width. And my Addi Lace needles still look thicker than my Addi Turbos. But guess what. They aren’t. The #2 lace needles are 3.00 mm and by gum, the #3 Turbo needles are 3.5 mm. And they look like the same until you put that ruler behind them.

I am guessing it’s the matte coating on the lace needles that both keeps your silky lace yarn from slipping off in your project bag AND makes those needles look thicker.

Mind now. I am only guessing, because they still look thicker to me.

And mind now. I love knitting with them.

In fact, maybe there’s a little time to go knit with them now - so. Ta. I’ll be back.

posted by Bess | 6:29 AM