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I'm like you in that I can also not look at what I don't want to see. Problem is, I don't get all that much joy from housecleaning, either, so, pigsty it remains.

Haven't read a single HP book or seen a single HP movie. I know - it's like not owning a television! ;-)

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Book 3 is my absolute favorite, I think because Sirius reminds me of a certain man I'm married to... this is also likely the reason I found him in the movie to be "all wrong" (of course, he wasn't, he just wasn't a dark version of my husband)

But I did a massive clean this week, and still going, since it involved furniture rearranging - I'm incapable of straightening. Can't do it. I must dive in full steam ahead, make things MUCH worse before they get better, and reorganize everything. And I'm really enjoying the huge empty places where there used to be furniture... so hopefully I can keep the steam up and make more empty spaces and better arrangements!

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Sunday, June 24, 2007  

I feel a little silly about how really good it feels to have a sparkly clean house. I am sure it’s the Virgo thing, because we are both lazy and clean, which means we can not look at what we don’t want to see a lot better than many other folk, but we know and care more about what we’re ignoring. Anyway, I am feeling really good because the house is clean and the whole of a day stretches before me with only my own choices - nothing that will whisper all day "If you don’t do thissssssssssss now you’ll be ssssssssssorry nexxxxxxxxxxt week."

I am watching the Harry Potter movies again, in preparation for the upcoming summer premier of #5. This was the book I liked the least - the only one I didn’t finish and the one that almost made me skip book #6. I groused about er, critiqued book 5 some time ago, both when it came out or when book 6 did so I shan’t repeat complaints about the very stupid trait that seems so admired by English story tellers, (and their American readers) of never saying what’s on your mind - all the way up to the point of not even warning someone when his life is threatened. And I think JKR went a long way to redeeming herself with #6.

I liked Goblet of Fire the best of all the books. I liked the interesting introduction, that long international quidich match and the overall opening up of the Hogwarts folk to the international wizard community. Of the movies, Sorcerer’s Stone and Prisoner of A. are about tied for favorite for me. #1 because it was such a thrill to see all the magic and #3 because I liked the expansion of the plot to a wider environment. But I was disappointed in the movie version of Goblet of Fire, which I felt was so edited to make it fit into the financial plans of theaters that there was only plot and not much fun magic. So. I hope this year’s blockbusterentertainment will be better, i.e. have more magic. And I’ll get to find out who all those new folk are and what happened in Order of the Phoenix.

Is this a knitting blog?


Socks. I am knitting socks. Who would have believed that?

What is taking so long on these socks. And guess what the July Knitters Almanac says I’m supposed to be knitting?


Yep. Christmas socks that can’t be shown because they are gifts.

posted by Bess | 10:07 AM