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Rant on - I tend to agree with you. (I remember hearing someone read the Rainbow Fish book out loud - it came out after my childhood was over - and I couldn't stop thinking, "but doesn't it hurt the poor fish?" And for that matter - how useful is it having just one colorful scale?).

Too often I fall for the trap (being, I suppose, a sympathetic and altruistic Piscean, and also one who is too susceptible to flattery) of people telling me, "Oh, you should take on [thankless volunteer task], you'd be SO GOOD at it!"

And then, four years into doing [thankless volunteer task] (which I had only signed on to do for six months), I do sometimes find myself feeling a bit like a fish who's given his scales away.

(I tend to use the metaphor of monkeybread - that pastry made out of a bunch of little individual rolls stuck together, and the idea is each person pulls off a roll or two...until there aren't any left...)

I really do not mind doing a lot of the things I do, and in fact find many of them rewarding, but I feel like I should be the one who decides whether to do them or not - not someone with a guilt-inducing, "Oh, but you do not have a husband or children to take care of!" (another phrase I truly hate).

By Blogger fillyjonk, at 6:59 PM  

What stood out about the offensive statement to me was the "more" - you couldn't possibly be doing enough for others right now. I do agree that doing for others is important. But I had a wonderful minister once who said it's important not to forget that when we treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves, we need to remember to treat ourselves that way, too.

As for the sock yarn, I hated Tofutsies so much I finished one sock (on the plane, so I was stuck with only that and not my abundant stash) and went back to my LYS, gave them the other half of the ball and the sock and said they could have it as a sample, but I didn't want it at all. I'm wooed by the candy-colors of it, and may eventually buy another ball when time has faded my hatred, but blech.

By Blogger Amie, at 1:05 PM  

That Rainbow Fish story reminds me of people who make comments about ball players or billionaires who shouldn't be paid so much and should instead share their wealth equally with the rest of the world. I read someone's recommended reply to that once, which I thought was amusing. They said that the next time someone rants about "sharing the wealth equally", you should reply with "Oh, I didn't know you were a Communist!" ;-)

By Blogger Mary, at 5:08 PM  

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Sunday, June 17, 2007  

How about a new career? Think of all the skills that you don't use as fully as you could. Consider the lights that you hide under a series of bushels. Might we not all benefit if only you would let yourself off the leash and do more of what you are truly capable of? Perhaps you feel that you are not holding yourself back. Others are somehow doing this for you. You are being impeded by circumstances beyond your control. Or are you? Are you just using this as a convenient excuse? This week brings a rare, real chance to manifest the magic that lies in your heart of hearts.

Okay - I am going to indulge in a mini-rant. The above quote is from Mr.Horoscope, who doesn’t really intend to offend and does, I am sure, intend to encourage us C A R E F U L Virgos to dive into life a little deeper. Well and good. But this particular choice of encouraging words: “Do you not owe it to the world to make a more comprehensive contribution?” is one of the most offensive statements I know; in my own case, guaranteed to make me balk, resist and ignore.

It goes along with “You have such a talent for: *.* (music, art, rhetoric, dancing, writing, math, yada yada and yada) You owe it to the world (?!?!HUH!?!?) to *.* (paint, sing, speak, dance, write, enumerate, y.y.y.) more!” It is something I heard often enough as a child, tossed out with the intention of making me willingly give up more of my personal space and scare free time to practicing. I hear it still today far more than I would have believed people would have the effrontery to make. And it is utter wicked jealousy and greed talking.

Just because someone has a talent for something doesn’t mean the rest of the world has a right to demand they perform. Just because the world thinks a capricious fate gave one person a talent for something, does it follow that said fate gave the person a desire to do that thing!

This attitude, that the world has a right to your treasure simply because you have it and the world wants it, is the foundation of the communist mindset. There is an evil children’s book (that I won’t have in the library) called The Rainbow Fish. It’s about a fish with beautifully colored scales. All the other fish want one of its scales and ask the fish to give away “... just one scale. That won’t hurt you will it?” Of course ALL the other fish want just one scale and when the fish refuses, ALL the other fish shun it and refuse to let it join in any fishy games. In the end, the fish is so lonely it gives away one scale to every fish and it’s left with one scale and then we’re all so equal and sharing and isn’t this a nice way to play? Aren’t we all happy that nobody has more than his share? Of course, nothing is said of the fact that ripping the scales off a fish is likely to kill it, but who cares. Everyone deserves to have pretty scales and to destroy the pretty fish who lucked out and got them. Right? It’s only Fair? Right?

Well, that book so horrified me I never replaced it when it eventually got swiped off the shelves, since, of course, just because somebody wanted it soooo badly, really, the rest of the library users ought to be willing to do without it, right?

But there, we try to inculcate those Jeffersonain ideals, but we only succeed so far. And I am heartily glad to be rid of that wicked book. And all this blather is just because of the harmlessly intended statement by Mr.Horroscope about me or anybody else owing the world specific gifts. I think any gift we wish to bestow ought to be thanked for and after that ...

Well. It will be interesting to see just how well I respond to the secrets being revealed by this new moon, now that Mercury’s retrograde is giving me the time to look back over things. Especially since I go back to work on Monday after 3 days of driving up and down the highway to doctors. BD is fine, 90% sure the retina will stay put, under strict house arrest, and sleeping a lot. This time the healing is much less messy and juicy than the last time (he had this surgery).

Oddly, I am still knitting on a prototype sock. I’m just checking on what happens when I use a slightly bigger needle - there really is a difference between a #3 and a #2. And speaking of the difference, has anybody noticed that the new Addi Lace needles are not sized the same as their regular needles? I was 5 minutes away from The Knitting Basket, on Grove Ave, while BD was in surgery so I stopped in to pick up a pair - and to get a ball of that sock yarn with crab shells in it. After all, I live in the land of the blue crab. I had a sock on a pair of 3’s in my purse and when I compared them to the new needles, my old Addi 3’s are the same thickness as their new Lace 2’s. What is going on here?

I love those lace tipped needles, though.

We have company coming this week and my house hasn’t been cleaned in weeks so today I will be the maid. It’s also supposed to turn very hot this week. Eh. Well. These are sailing people. They will be glad of the summer weather when they’re on the boats. And no. BD can’t go out with them. Good thing they are not only sailors, but have the same sailboat!

Okay, where is that vacuum?

posted by Bess | 7:51 AM