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Yippee for plans and dreams! I think I'm going to pick up a few of those home plan magazines, next time I'm at the store....

By Blogger Mary, at 2:02 PM  

Wow! When you dream, you dream big!! Here's hoping your dreams come true.

By Blogger Carolyn, at 11:14 PM  

Dearest Bess,
Am catching up on my blog reading & have enjoyed reading of your dreams, aspirations for your wonderful studio, your garden, your knitting.
XOXO to you & all the Ds.

By Blogger Martha, at 8:58 AM  

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Thursday, June 07, 2007  

Hey, thanks for the comments! Welcome to my daydreams.

Putting down my thoughts about the studio created a tremendous energy surge, reminding me that sometimes you really just have to do it. Stop thinking about it. Stop avoiding thinking about it. Quit being afraid it won’t happen or you can’t make it happen and just get on with it. That’s how I created my gardens. I dithered and thought and read and daydreamed about them for a long time, but one day I just took spade in hand and begin digging. The garden evolved from square plots to undulating beds over many years but eventually I had something magical, something uniquely mine created out of my imagination, my soul. Guess it’s time to give the studio the same devotion.

Mind now - my poor garden has almost been abandoned. But it fulfilled its mission - to bring me enormous delight - and to sit in a verdant tangle in the back yard. It can come back to life someday, or not. As I said - it gave me what I wanted when I wanted it. Another of Bess’s Passions, as BD calls them.

The one good thing about gardening as a hobby is that you put all your stash outdoors.

The studio will be a more permanent part of my life and it will have to be shared but the space will have a long future life, no matter who is filling it up. Our house has was never built for a re-sale market. We have been able to indulge our whims up to the maximum of our bank account. The result has been a real reflection of who we are, what we love and what we’re up to. Somebody else can put in the H/Vac after we move into the nursing home.

So. With a little time left before I have to go to work, I think I’ll go sketch a few floorplans. Ta.

posted by Bess | 6:55 AM