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How is B.D.'s eye?

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Monday, June 18, 2007  

Heat is here at last. We’ve had a reprieve for the past week. Cool crisp days, some clouds, no rain, some gorgeous blue skies. As I was driving back from the doctor’s on Saturday I thought “Oh, if only every summer day could be like this.” And then I sighed.

But real Virginia summertime is rolling in today. It got up to about 90 yesterday but the humidity was still down in the 60% range. We’re in for it this week so I am glad I’ll be spending my days in the A/C world of library books - even though today is Day 1 of SRC. Yep. It’s that time again, summer reading club for children 3-11. I’m expecting that everything is in order for the opening day. I have good staff. But for the life of me, I don’t know that it’s all right and tight. I just know it’s going to be Some Heckuva Monday.

One nice thing about losing my archives is that I can write the same old stuff all over again. I am sure in the archives-that-were there is a rant about that stupid rainbow fish book. I felt a tad bit guilty writing yesterday’s rant knowing that I’d been over this ground again. But I notice, now that only 20 people a day are logging on and I suspect those are the sort of loyal readers who don’t mind me stepping up on the soap box again.

The ubiquitous sock knitting went on yesterday afternoon, along with some monumental dustbunny eradication via suction. Harry Potter & Co. hunted down the Basilisk. I’m re-watching the first movies, honestly? Just because I like the special effects magic. It’s something I do when BD’s sleeping since he is not an HP fan.

So. It’s Monday. Let us hope it is a smooth sailing one.

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