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Tuesday, June 19, 2007  

The first day of SRC was a smashing success. We don’t usually have a kick-off program, mostly because we’ve been too busy and too poor (end of fiscal year, you know) to put one on. This year we hired Magic4U out of Richmond, in large part thanks to J and N at the Northumberland Public Library who was looking for a partner to get the price down. Well.

Well and well. That was absolutely the best magic act I’ve ever seen. Bar none this show was a riot, was pumped, was fun, and durn if he didn’t worm some Virginia info into his show. I’m still laughing at how much fun this fellow was. Crazy wild goofy fun - just the sort I absolutely love to participate in. He’ll be back with us again and it just so happened that the elementary school PTA president was in the audience and I bet he’ll be doing a show for the school too.

If you’re I the Richmond area and are looking for a bang up program give them a look-see. They do parties too.

I was so impressed with the magician (who does have a name, Brad, I believe) I called J and N to thank them. J answered (she’s my counterpart) and had to thank me for telling her about On The Lamb in Staunton. She’d visited at my urging and had to agree with me. That’s the happiest, most fun place to spend the day. So. It’s official, with the stamp of approval of TWO knitting librarians. You just have to visit this Fun Yarn Shop, in Staunton, VA.

Company coming tonight - best be off getting this place ready.


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