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I don't know yet what I'm going to do with the LL Mother Lode. I only have two hanks so it's either going to be a scarf or some house socks. Or I may leave it as table art.

Glad your return from vacation was relatively easy. Now when's the next one?

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007  

Yesterday was probably the easiest day back after a vacation I’ve ever had. Usually I wander like some lost soul that first day of confinement, with large piles of condemnatory mail on my desk, a network problem or two and an innocently needy patron who wants to know if I did whatever it is I said I’d do when we met outside the bank the Tuesday before I went on vacation. It’s goofy as all getout how people (self included) are always making the most professional sorts of demands upon poor souls out in the world doing the most personal of tasks. Like a doctor at a party being consulted about this pain/twinge/swelling/diagnosis, the librarian let loose from behind the circulation desk is always prey to the literary seeker, sure that she’s read all the books on the shelves, remembers their authors middle names and also the color of the binding and can set "that red book with the picture of the leopard on the cover" aside for them "when they’re next in town."

In contrast to the expected frantic strain and its subsequent exhaustion, yesterday was smooth sailing. I swapped around a dead computer for a new one, put out a new shipment of Summer Fiction, talked to the State Library folk about the "F" word (filtering) and spent a little time out front on the circ. desk. Just an easy peasey day for emerging from the chrysalis of vacation.

I’m knitting away on that Tilli Thomas summer silk top but it’s slow going. I did a good bit of swatching but came away with only the needle size I knew I’d like working with ... #5. The concept was a scoop-necked, cap-sleeved, top with the solid brown beaded yarn knit around the bottom in a lace pattern and then a switch to wide flat ribs in the variegated yarn. Well, the shape is still a good idea, but the more I thought of having to work ribbed shaping into the yoke top the more it seemed I’d look like a bronze mushroom in it. In the end I settled for a little eyelet design - well what I’m actually knitting is a re-proportioned Mountains of Hearts top - using the "horseshoe lace" from BW 1 in a narrow band along the bottom, then switching to the "hearts" eyelet to knit the rest. I don’t know where I’ll use that solid brown beaded yarn. It’s so much thicker than the variegated. It’s not enough for a scarf unless ... what if I did something in a very open mesh or wrapped stitch? Hmm. Nope. 100 yards is just not enough for that. But I could i-cord or crochet some sort of edge treatment around neckline and hem. Well. Whatever I do with it will be an add-on.

And of course all the time I am wanting to knit on about 5 different sock yarns at the same time. I wish I had more pairs of arms. I have so many gorgeous sock yarns and I’m lusting over this one:

which I have yet to buy. For shame, you naughty L for throwing temptation my way - but thank you!

After a weekend of gastronomic indulgences, I have taken the WW/Fitness oath (yet again). We spent all Sunday afternoon at a birthday party for the darlingest darling of a dear, who invited us as the leavening "young people" at her 86th birthday party. It was real Old Virginia fare: tomato (ta-mah-ta) aspic with dill mayonnaise, chicken salad, salty Virginia ham on tee-tiny little biscuits, the flat brown biscuits, not truly beaten biscuits, but a close enough representation, mounds of fresh asparagus, Frances’ potato salad recipe and of course, ice tea.

I am so inspired by C, who’s walked nearly 100 miles since her brain thang in February. I know all the good rules - all the good tips and healthy practices. I love that glorious feeling you're dong it right, when you have vigor and energy. Usually I can’t even figure out why I stop doing all these Good-For-Me things, although this time I can trace my indolence back to some aging body injuries. But enough is enough. I do not want to go through summer with one half of my body sticking to the other. It is back to the gym and, where did I leave those WW booklets? Ahh yes. And today is Tuesday. Isn’t Tuesday WW night? hmmm. Guess I know where I’ll be at 6:00.

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