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One wouldn't DARE eject a GOLDING OWNER from the Spinning ring!!!

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Oh, and I LOVED the Illusionist - saw it in the theatre and the cool, dark atmosphere was just magic (no pun intended). Plus I have special affections for Ed Norton, since I think I did a play with him once, and he's Columbia royalty...

By Blogger Amie, at 12:37 PM  

Now, Bess. The line at the top of your blog reads, "Whatever happens to strike my fancy, but surely some sort of fiber content." Write whatever you like, in as many words as you like, and we'll read it. All you have to do is tell us what kind of cereal you had this morning, and that'll take care of the fiber content.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007  

The worst is over. For a while, at least, things can only get easier. Watch out this week, though, for residual problems. The enemy may be almost conquered, but small pockets of resistance remain. It isn't time to be triumphant, but nor should you panic each time you encounter an awkward indication. You have turned a corner. You have overturned an obstacle. There may now be a delay whilst you await your reward. Really, though, it is on its way to you. There can be no going back to the bad old days, so put your fears and anxieties aside while you proceed with cautious optimism. And as for the damage that has been done? That will start to heal soon.

This is just about the best news MrHoroscope could give me. Not that I was living in such a dreadful state, mind you - but sister writes that Dad has not only been cleared to live independently (only, pray to god, not to drive) but he is ready to downsize. Well. He’s been talking the talk about downsizing lately, but never on consecutive days. And the fear that he wouldn’t be able to live on his own has often kept him from trying to live at all. But PT gave him the go-ahead to move on in one month and the tentative plans sis and I have been sketching now look to be drawn in full detail - come July. This is good. This is very, very good.

This has been the biggest enemy to my peace and happiness for quite some time. All through my childhood Dad was the trouble. He was the problem. He was the stumbling block. He can be a charmer. He can be intelligent and vigorous and he certainly was a hard worker. He had high expectations for us and never once said, or even thought, "You’re just a girl". He was an outstanding teacher. Taught me to drive with NoTears. Taught me how to handle money with NoOverdraws. Got me a checking account when I was still in high school and showed me how to budget an income and then gave me the income as an allowance so that I could practice all those budgeting skills. One of the greatest lessons I brought from childhood into my adult life. He gave us a very comfortable material life, but it was shrouded in the threatening mystery of What Would He Do Next? Because when that Next was his crazy side - oh lord. It was one heckuva scary side. I believe he’s a classic case of Post Traumatic Distress for he was a teenage soldier in WWII and 16 months after he was discharged he was married with a baby - lots of recovery time there, hmmm?

But that is the reason that absolutely no step in the extreme old age part of his life, the part his kids feel responsible for, has gone easily or logically or ordinarily or sensibly or comfortably or pleasantly or even slightly fun. Eh. We knew it wouldn’t. But if it goes at all - or rather - if it Gets There at all we will be glad for it and though each step has been minute, measured across the whole year, we can say that real progress has been made. With Dad, that’s ... that’s Real Progress. That’s Success!

Yesterday was hot hot hot hot hot. And fun for me, but not quite such a thrill for BD. The crowd was thin and not particularly interested in broiling beneath the sun for any of the entertainers or speakers. Things were a little better later, as he sat beneath a tent and talked to people, one on one, about Christopher Newport and Richmond’s 400th Birthday, John Rolf and the college at Henricus, Archer and Percy’s relations of the exploratory probe and all the rest of the Jamestown Experience. And sold some books, of course.

Alas, the area where the tall ships are tied up is worse than a slum. It looks like an industrial waste site. It’s just down the hill from the famous Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death church in the east end of Richmond and just up stream from the Deep Water Terminal. If I lived in Richmond I think I would want to be a part of an effort to utilize that marvelous space. It’s a shame some civic group doesn’t adopt it. There is so much potential along the riverbank. It’s sad to see it look so abandoned. There’s room enough for to build a glorious waterside park complete with an outdoor stage, a small marina and, if they bridged the gap over to the closest little island in the river - a magnificent picnic spot. Instead, it’s a depressing slum and the fact that anybody came out at all is testimony to the lure of tall sailing ships.

There were 4 of them plus 2 other Big Boats and you could scramble about their decks for free. There were costumed interpreters who stayed in character, so you could ask them what they were up to, wandering around the New World all dressed up in their finery. I know a few of these folks and I like all of them. They’re passionate about their characters, bringing history to life with verve and sparkle and fun. They posed for photos all day in the hot hot hot hot sun with their woolen vests and plumed hats and not a one of them got cranky or fractious.

I kept popping back and forth with SnoCones and bottled water for MrJamestown and the darling 20 year old from one of the city bookstores who was handling the sales. And taking pictures, of course. And I got to go on the boats. And when I got too hot I’d sit in the back of the tent with my knitting and work on the sock I’m designing. Yes. This IS a knitting blog - at least, I talk about it just enough to be allowed to stay on the different blog-rings. Maybe not enough to deserve to stay on the spinning blog-ring but I know the moderator of that ring, and besides, I own a Golding Wheel, for goodness sake. That’s sort of like having royal blood.

But that’s all the fiber news I’m going to write today. My posts are entirely too long anyway and I don’t even have Pictures!! I’ll put them all up next week. Today I will do the Saturday Chores and tomorrow? Tomorrow I believe I shall remember.

posted by Bess | 7:49 AM