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What a relief! I love the feeling of finally getting something done that I've been putting off and then doing it and realizing that I'll never have to do it again. I must get rid of some old clothes and I'm just stalling. I know I'll feel great when I get it done. I'm just more inclined to wait another day. Anyway, now you don't have to think about those molds again and as a bonus someone gets some extra room.

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Friday, May 18, 2007  

What’s this?! Friday! Already? Wha..Whe.. How did that happen? A whole week gone in a twinkling. I knew I should have taken off 2 weeks.

But there you have it. Take a little time off to play, to rest, to nap, and the next thing you know your week is gone and all the things you thought you’d like to do are still out there in nebulous land.

Well, I would like to pretend that’s the case, but it’s not really. I did get several Important Things accomplished this week, including some serious shopping. I also came to the deep realization that I will never retire until there is, in TheCastle: A. a studio where I can keep all my toys - organized so that I can find them when I want them. and B. high speed internet.

When it took 30 minutes to open hotmail yesterday at 4:30, I knew that this was an unacceptable situation for anything longer than a week. If finances cooperate this summer, we will get in Mr.Satelite Man and purchase a computer with a motherboard that will actually have a slot for a wireless connection.

BD and I drove up to F’burg yesterday to unload the ghost of an old hobby of mine. Throughout the 90’s I was fascinated with ceramics and indulged in stash building as avidly as I collect yarn and fiber now. I particularly loved working with color on clay - with painting on it, to be precise, although I did do some shaping, building and carving. It was the magic, though, of how the paint and the wet clay danced together - very like the way watercolors behave on good paper - that captured me.

I have also always had a deep love of dishes; dinnerware, tea sets, food containers of all sorts, even lamps. So I purchased the plaster molds for several (lots of) pieces; a little at a time, mind, not all at once. Eventually every dish in my kitchen was one made by me. Of course, a house can contain only so many dishes, lamps and intriguing little boxes. Friends get tired of Yet Another Ceramic Gift, even a truly unique and pretty one. I found a bit of a market for my work in a few boutiques but then I had to please the shop keepers instead of just pleasing myself. That, my dears, is the difference between a hobby and a profession.

And so the question evolved "Do I crank out more of these popular painted pitchers or do I try to move into the Art Circles?" The move from Craft to Art though, would require mastering porcelain and high firing and also be a good bit more expensive than what I was doing. Truth to tell, I was afraid of the kiln and just didn’t know how to learn enough about it to not be afraid. At the same time, we were funding the Virginia University System with every spare penny we had, so $ was scarcer than hen’s teeth at TheCastle. It looked like Craft was going to triumph - when one day I was walking through a mall and a little kiosk vendor had an array of her bread dough ornaments spread out in row after row of shiny cuteness.

I was stopped in my tracks, flattened by the crushing and depressing realization that if I were to pursue any sort of economic outlet for this clay stuff, not only would I have to produce row after row of cuteness myself, but for heaven’s sake!! The world already had enough cuteness and clutter and stuff and I was not going to be a party to One More Cluttery Thing being heaped upon the globe! I was utterly defeated by quantity. I couldn’t find the least spark of inspiration to create one more thing and I think I never did touch clay again.

Of course, creativity is something that bubbles within and sooner or later it finds an outlet. Evidently shopping to support creativity is the same, for I certainly have a knitters stash to rival anything else I’ve ever collected. But those poor ceramic molds were lying wasted in an outbuilding in the yard. Periodically BD would say "I really need that space. Are you going to do anything with those ceramic molds?" And other such words that caused me to put on my Steel Face of No Response and No Action Either.

In fact, he really does need the space and happily he really did find a place to unload these lost treasures. Best of all, I was able to give them to a friend. A friend who lives in the city so the ones he can’t use he can pass on to someone else. A friend who didn’t call last night to say "Thanks" because he’s probably still in shock from coming home to a porch loaded down with white plaster of Paris blocks with red scrawled labels on them. Or exhausted from trying to put them all somewhere!! Let us hope he is still a friend.

And let us rejoice that I have that much less clutter in my life. May we all, always, end our vacations with that delicious sense of clutterlessness. And may we all find new outlets for our creativity.

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