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I hope I run into you there! Just a few more hours....

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Friday, May 04, 2007  

Today it is cool and grey and soft. It looks like it could develop into a rainy day but the weather dot com guys say it won’t and that tomorrow it will be sunny but not too hot. Obviously the MS&W committee got to them and arranged this the official promise is for perfect festival weather.

Now, perfect doesn’t come along all that often so it behooves us all to take full advantage of perfect; to allow it to wash over us, sink into our pores, cradle us in its very metaphorical arms. Thus, in spite of the new self-sticking ankle strap wrapped snugly around my left ankle, (yes, stepped into a hole on Monday after an exhausting trip to Richmond) and the fact that I drive a stick shift car, I am loading up my chariot and heading north to Howard County in a few hours. Yes. I am going to MS&W.

I’ve been decidedly mum about it this year because this is my year of Other Things. My year of not just slipping on over to Richmond, but rushing over or creeping over or just plain old driving over to play flying buttress to my sister’s rock solid cathedral-wall of support for our declining parents. There is only so much I can write about their journey into the next phase of life without boring all who drop by, not to mention both boring and depressing myself. I even feel I just attract more reasons to be down and blue if I dwell too much on what just happened, is happening or is waiting to happen. Last week was such a week, but this week was better. Dad agreed, on Monday, to go into an assisted living place my sister found. I took his little dachshund back to him yesterday morning. It was her third visit in 6 days and she knew the way to his room and raced down the hall with her tail gyroscoping. In typical medical fashion (I blame the arrogance of the facility’s doctor for this one) the re-hab place didn’t get the paperwork over to the assisted living place so he was checked out of re-hab, unable to move into the AL place and got readmitted to re-hab for one more night. They let him keep Lady last night, though, so he didn’t care anyway. The difference in him with dog-in-lap vs. dogless lap is immeasurable. I do believe it will be enough to keep him in AL for good.

We’ll know, sister and I, in a couple of weeks, if we’ve rounded the last major corner and can move ahead with setting things up for our parents to be safe and comfortable and even, if they choose, happy. The house will have to be sold, but we’ve got a little time on that. You can believe that I’m visualizing and sending out emotionally-charged happy pleas to the universe that Dad finds his fit. If the clutch of pastel ladies who gathered around him when he went for a visit on Monday is any indication, I think he’ll be very popular there. I’m always seeing how difficult he can be, but BD reminds me frequently that Dad can be a charmer if he wants to and when I’m reminded, I can remember the truth of this.

The sound you just heard was me, letting out an enormous sigh of relief. I’m very tired of living from month to month. The thought of a stretch of crisis free months would be such a sweet thing. And Mr.Horoscope says I’ll see this weekend that something I thought I’d done wrong, some mistake I’ve been beating myself up over, will be revealed as a Wise Choice. Good. I can use some positive strokes. OTOH, MsHoroscope tells me to cool it with the hot temper (Me?!? Virgocoolness me?) and in May to look for changes in my 4th and 7th houses, which include parents - woo woo.

And so I am off to the wool Mecca that is Howard County Fair Grounds and I will take with me the vision of 6 Blue Tubs-0- Fiber that stand in the corner of my den. I have nothing in mind to purchase. I have a $ limit in my checkbook. I am open to all the possibilities. I will be with friends in a luxurious B&B. Life is good.

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