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I personally prefer Tradescantia, because it's named after the great botanist and plant collector John Tradescant, and makes me think of those Old Worlde days when this country had just been discovered....

As a common name spiderwort is pretty darn common....

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Monday, May 21, 2007  

Short of time this morning and most reluctantly back in the office, I bring you a few shots of the magic kingdom. I've always wished I could be tiny enough to live in this forest:

Here are the floral sentinals, standing at attention. This is my favorite of all the Iris. I have a lot of them, but they would do even better if I gave them all a new bed. Perhaps. Perhaps when the Mayflies are past their worst.

How could such a beautiful plant have two such unlovely names: Tradescantia - ugh. or Spiderwort. These have slipped all over the shade garden this year - popping up in the prettiest surprise places.

I shall try to have some knitting content soon.

posted by Bess | 4:04 PM